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  1. Eadem mutata resurgo - Eadem resurgo mutata - Although changed, I will resurge (Philosophical term - Epitaph of Jakob Bernoulli)
  2. Ecce garum est - Behold garum (Philosophical term -. Phrase coined by the poet Martial (VII, 94), referring to the foul breath that people who ate garum had. Garum was a fish sauce served at the tables of high society Imperial Rome. Made with remains of fish, it was salted and left to ferment in large vats exposed to sunlight. Just like some perfumes, it came to demand high prices, as much as 500 silver coins for one liter of this sauce)
  3. Ego non ullo uera timore tegam - I will not hide the truth, because of fear (Philosophical term - Catullus)
  4. Eo ipso - By that fact itself (Philosophical term - By that fact alone)
  5. Ergo - Therefore (Philosophical term used in logic)
  6. Ergo conclusus contra manichaeus - And this ends the Manichaean! (Philosophical Term - Thomas Aquinas said this at a banquet hosted by St. Louis IX of France, after expressing a conclusive argument against Manichaeism, which then spread through Europe)
  7. Erudio Procul Imperium - I educate the empire from afar. (Philosophical term)
  8. Esse est percipi - To be is to be perceived (Philosophical term - Principle developed by the Irish philosopher George Berkeley (1685-1753)
  9. Ex nihilo nihil fit - Nothing comes from nothing (Philosophical term - Saint Thomas Aquinas)
  10. Ex pede Herculem - From Hercules' feet (Philosophical term - very little data is needed to understand who is making a statement)
  11. Ex umbra in solem - From the shade into the sun (Philosophical term - To go from ignorance to knowledge - Motto of the University Santa Maria, Chile)
  12. Facilius est paupertatem laudare quam ferre - It is easier to praise poverty than to endure it (Philosophical term - Seneca)
  13. Facito aliquid operis, ut te semper diabolus inveniat occupatum - Always do something, so the devil will find you busy (Philosophical term - Similar to "Idle hands are the devils playground")
  14. Fallacia non causae ut causae - Fallacy to accept something as fundamental when it is not (Legal and philosophical term)
  15. Fortis est non pertubaris in rebus asperis - The strong do not falter in adversity (Philosophical term - Cicero)
  16. Fronte capillata, post est occasio calva - Behind the front full of hair, the occasion is bald (Caton distichs 26, B, Phaedrus, Fables, 5, 8 - Philosophical term)
  17. Gigni de nihilo nihil, in nihilum nil posse reverti - Nothing is generated from nothing, nothing returns to nothing (Philosophical term - Persius Satires I, 111, 83)
  18. Ignoratio Elenchi - Avoiding the question (Legal and philosophical term - Fallacy that consists in changing the subject, arguing a different point, than the one in question)
  19. In esse - In being (Philosophical term - Saint Thomas Aquinas - In existence - Before we are born we are in In posse. After we are born, we are In esse)
  20. In posse - In potential (Philosophical term - Saint Thomas Aquinas - In possible existence before we are born - Before we are born we are in In posse. After we are born, we are In esse)
  21. In te ipso fons est laetitiae - In yourself is the source of joy (Philosophical term - is used to show that happiness is not something external but in the interior to each person)
  22. Ipse dixit - He himself said it (Legal and philosophical term - Fallacy in which the only proof, are the words of who makes the assertion)
  23. Ipsum esse subsistens - Subsistent Being itself (Saint Thomas Aquinas - Philosophical term - Essential definition of God given by the scholastics)
  24. Iustitiae debetur quod homo homini sit deus non lupus - Justice occurs because that man is a god to man and not a wolf (Philosophical term - Francis Bacon)
  25. Labor omnia improba vincit - Hard work conquers everything (Philosophical term - Virgil - Georgics)

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