Diplomatic Latin Phrases

  1. Ad hominem - To the man (Diplomatic and Legal term - Attack against the man instead of the facts. An argument ad hominem tries to discredit the man, instead of his arguments)
  2. Ad referendum - To reference (Legal term and also Diplomatic term - Indicates that although the main points has been agreed to, there are still details to be worked out later)
  3. Argumentum ad populum - Argument to the people (Diplomatic term - Also philosophical term that refers to the fallacy to base the decision based on popularity instead of the premises)
  4. Casus belli - Cause of war (Diplomatic term - Reason to start a war)
  5. Casus federis - Federal Case (Diplomatic term)
  6. Casus Foederis - Reason for the alliance (Diplomatic term)
  7. Deo vindice - God our defender - God, our avenger. (Diplomatic term - is the motto of the Confederacy )
  8. Etsi Deus non daretur - As if God did not exist (His Holiness Pope Benedict XVI, Address to the Diplomatic Corps)
  9. Ex notitia victory - To know, to win (Diplomatic Term - CESID Motto (Center for Defense Information) Spanish intelligence services)
  10. Facio ut facias - I do for you, you do for me (Diplomatic term - You scratch my back, I will scratch yours)
  11. In statu quo ante - The way things were before (Diplomatic term compare with status quo)
  12. Incerto exitu victoriae - Of uncertain victory (Diplomatic term)
  13. Ius ad bellum - Right to war, Just war (Legal and Diplomatic term - refers to the branch of law that defines the legitimate reasons that a State has to go to war and focuses on certain criteria for a just war)
  14. Ius in bello - Law of War (Diplomatic term)
  15. Licentia loquendi - Freedom to speak (Diplomatic Term - permission or licenses to talk)
  16. Lingua Franca - Common language (Diplomatic Term)
  17. Manu militari - With a military hand (Diplomatic Term - Using weapons instead of agreements, alliances or dialogue)
  18. Maremagnum - Big stormy sea, (Diplomatic Term - Refers to any issue that is complicated, tangled, confusing or that involves many people to assess it)
  19. Numisma Documentum Veritatis - Currency, true document (Diplomatic Term - In ancient times this term is used to give validity to the coin)
  20. Pax - Peace (Diplomatic term - period of peace and international stability under the influence of a military power)
  21. Persona non grata - Undesirable person (Diplomatic term)
  22. Pro forma - For the sake of form (Diplomatic term - Done only as a formality)
  23. Rebus sic stantibus - Being the way things are (Legal and diplomatic term that refers to the circumstances)
  24. Sic utere tuo ut alienum non laedas - Use what's yours without harming others (Legal and diplomatic term - Used in international law to specify that countries are free to use their own natural resources, as long as they do not compromise the resources of neighboring countries)
  25. Status Quo - State of affairs (Diplomatic term)

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