Latin quotes by Julius Caesar

Julius Caesar (102-44 BC), Roman Emperor and Military Leader

Gaius Iulius Caesar

In addition to being a great military leader, he was a talented writer. He wrote Commentaries (seven volumes), De De Bello Gallico (of its campaign against France and England), and De De Bello Civili (on the civil war between him and Pompeii).

  1. Ab imo pectore - From my chest (Julius Caesar - Frankly - From my heart)
  2. Alea iacta est - The die has been thrown (Said by Julius Caesar when he crossed with his troops the Rubicon river in 49 BC, despite the refusal of the Roman Senate, thus provoking civil war)
  3. Beati Hispani quibus bibere vivere est - Lucky the Spaniards, for whom living is drinking (Julius Caesar)
  4. Caesarem vehis, Caesarique fortunam - You carry Caesar and Caesar's fortune (Julius Caesar said this words on a stormy voyage across the Adriatic Sea to pirates who had kidnapped him. These pirates would ask for a reward of 20 bars of gold, but Cesar insisted that they charged 50 for him. After Caesar was released, Caesar and his troops captured these pirates and crucified them - It was said to a Captain attempting to bring Caesar (in disguise) back to Italia, in search of Marcus Antonius and the bulk of Caesar's army. Not Pirates... He told them "I will return & crucify you all.." - Thank you: S. Scott Fain
  5. Cum tridui viam processisset - With only three days' way forward (Julius Caesar - De Bello Gallico IV)
  6. Divide et impera - Divide and Conquer (Julius Caesar)
  7. Duas fossas XV pedes latas eadem altitudine perduxit - Directed the construction of two trenches fifteen feet wide and the same depth (Julius Caesar - The Gallic war)
  8. Et milia passuum tria ab eorum castris castra ponit - And set up camp three miles from them (Julius Caesar - Bello Gallico )
  9. Et tu, Brute? - And you too Brutus? (Julius Caesar last words - also quoted as Tu quoque, fili mi! )
  10. Fere libenter homines, id quod volunt, credunt - People almost always willingly believe what you want (Julius Caesar - De Bello Gallico, III, 18)
  11. Gallia est omnis divisa in partes tres - Gaul is divided into three parts (Julius Caesar - De Bello Gallico )
  12. Hoc voluerunt - They wanted this (Julius Caesar after Pompey's defeat in Munda in 45 AD)
  13. Ignavi coram morte quidem animam trahunt, audaces autem illam non saltem advertunt - The cowards agonize about death, the brave don't even notice it (Julius Caesar)
  14. Iulia Pompeio nupsit - Julia married Pompey (Things people do to please their father - Julia was the daughter of Julius Caesar and married Pompey so his father could form a strong political alliance with him)
  15. Libenter homines id quod volunt credunt - Men freely believe in whatever they want (Julius Caesar)
  16. Malo hic esse primus quam Romae secundus - I prefer to be first in this place than to be second at Rome. (Julius Caesar, according to Plutarch )
  17. Meos tam suspicione quam crimine iudico carere oportere - My people should never be suspected of breaking the law (Sentence of Julius Caesar, after divorcing Pompeii in 62 BC)
  18. Puri sermonis amator - Lover of pure and simple speach (said of Julius Caesar by Terence)
  19. Quibus rebus Roman nuntiatis tantus repente terror invasit - Upon learning this news, an intense, sudden fear invaded Rome (Julius Caesar - De Bello Civili )
  20. Veni, vidi, vici - I came, I saw, I conquered (Julius Caesar)

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