Medical Latin Phrases

  1. Ablata causa tollitur effectus - If the cause is taken away, its effect will disappear (Medical Maxim)
  2. Acuti morbi in quattuordecim diebus iudicantur - Acute illnesses are resolved in fourteen days (Medical Maxim - Hippocrates)
  3. Aegrescit medendo - The cure is worse than the disease (Medical Maxim) )
  4. Bona diagnosis, bona curatio - Good diagnosis, good cure (Medical Maxim)
  5. Cessante causa, cessant effectus - Cease the cause, cease the effect (Medical Maxim)
  6. Contraria contrariis curantur - The opposite is cured with the opposite (Medical Maxim - Hippocrates - compare with "Simila similibus curantur")
  7. Flos Pilaei Aegri - Flower of the Sick Pills (Pope Clement VII (1523-1534) motto, according to St. Malachy prophecies - His family coat of arms had six medical balls (pills) and one of them with three lilies)
  8. In extremis - In the extreme (Legal Term - At the point of death, or in extreme circumstances - Medical Term - patient who is in critical condition, about to die)
  9. Lac postum vinum venenum - Milk after the wine is poison (Medical term - Medieval doctors recommended not to mix these two liquids)
  10. Natura ingenium disecta cadavera pandit; plus quan vitae more taciturna docet - The cadaver dissection demonstrates the wisdom of nature; more talkative than life, teaches us the taciturn death (Motto of Pedro Virgili, first director of the Military Medical College in Cadiz, Spain)
  11. Natura sanat, medicus curat - The physician treats, nature cure (Medical term)
  12. Nil per os - Nothing by mouth (Instruction to avoid drink and food before a medical procedure - abbreviated as NPO)
  13. Non sibi sed omnibus - Not for myself, but for all (Motto of the Venezuelan Medical Federation.)
  14. Post pisces nux sit, post carnes caseus adsit - After fish, nuts; After the of meat, cheese (Medical advise to separate these foods)
  15. Primum non nocere - The first thing is to do no harm (Medical term is applied when you have to take a decision on a patient, so that the benefit is greater than the damage it can do)
  16. Pro re nata - For the born thing (Medical term - as needed, for an occasion that has arisen)
  17. Restitutio ad integrum - Return to the integral state (Medical term - denotes that tissues are restored in full)
  18. Sublata causa, tollitur effectus - Removing the cause, removes the effect (Medical term)
  19. Ubi pus, ibi evacua - Where there is pus, it must be drained (Medical term)
  20. Vade mecum - Come with me (Medical term that refers a book that describes drugs and their benefits)

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