Grammatical Latin Phrases

  1. Ad marginem - At margin (Grammatical term - Notes written in a book outside the main text)
  2. Addenda et corrigenda - To be added and corrected (Grammatical term - Added to the end of a book so that it will be fixed in the next edition)
  3. Cetera desunt - The rest is wanting (Grammatical term - When something is missing)
  4. Errata - Error (Grammatical term - Refers to corrections added after the book is published)
  5. Et alii - And others (Grammatical term - When there are more than one author, the name of the main author is mention followed by et alii - Sometimes it is written as: Et alia (if women authors), or Et allii abbreviated as et al.)
  6. Et alii, et alia - And other men and women (Grammatical term - refer to Et Alii)
  7. Et cetera - And the Rest (Grammatical term - Sometimes spelled as Et Coetera or Et Cútera abbreviated as etc.)
  8. Exempli gratia - For example (Grammatical term abbreviated as e.g.)
  9. Ibidem - In the same place (Grammatical term - Used in footnotes to indicate that the reference/source is the same as above - abbreviated as Id. or Ibid.)
  10. Id est - That is (Grammatical term abbreviated as i.e.)
  11. Nota bene - Note well (Grammatical term - Indicates to pay attention abbreviated as n.b.)
  12. Sic - Yes (Grammatical Term - Yes, it is written that way, when copying a text that has an error)
  13. Verbi gratia - In virtue of the word (Grammatical term - For example, similar to exempli gratia. Often abbreviated as

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