Latin quotes by Livy

Livio (59 BC - 17 DC), Roman Historian

Titus Livius

He wrote 142 books on the history of Rome of which today only 35 remain

  1. Agedum, pontifex publicus populi Romani, praci verba quibus me pro legionibus devoveam - Come therefore, and, as the state pontiff of the Roman people, dictate to me the words in which I may devote myself for the legions (Livy - Ab Urbe Condita - Liber VIII - The romans needed the help from Gods so they asked Marcus Valerius to pronounce the words that would inspire the troops. Pontiff is a person who serves as a bridge to the gods)
  2. Anno trecentessimo altero quam condita Roma erat - The year 302 after the founding of Rome (Livy - Book III)
  3. Audi Iuppiter et tu Iane Quirine dique omnes caelestes vosque terrestres vosque inferni audite - Hear, O Jupiter and you too, Janus-Quirino also, and all the celestial, terrestrial, and infernal gods, hear (Livy Book I - Declaration of war)
  4. Caeca invidia est - Envy is blind (Livy)
  5. Cum portae appropinquaret,.... portula aperitur - As he approaches the portal, the back door opens (Livy XXV, 9 - Referring to Hannibal at the portal, and the kings soldiers ready to escape)
  6. Dum Romae consulitur, Saguntum expugnatur - While Rome deliberates, Sagunto is assaulted (Livy)
  7. In cassum missae preces - Prayers in vain (Livy - Threating letters sent to Rome in 480c)
  8. Quadringentos inde ferme passus constituit signa - He placed the banners to almost four hundred feet away (Livy - Book 34)
  9. Succede in arduum - Climb to the hard part (Livy)
  10. Universi pacem precibus exposcunt - They all asked for peace with their prayers (Livy 1,16)
  11. Verbisque meis fides sit - Let there be faith in my words (Livy)
  12. Zama quinque dierum iter a Carthagine abest - Zama far from Cartago a journey of five days (Livy - Book XXX, 29 - Zama was the battle that "ended" war between Scipio Africanus and Anhibal)

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