Latin quotes by Varro

Varro (116-27 BC), Roman Scholar

Marcus Terentius Varro

His works include  De Re rustica (2)Disciplinae, Antiquitates rerum humanarum, and De lingua Latina (2).

  1. De lingua latina - About the Latin language (Varro)
  2. Divina natura dedit agros, ars humana aedificavit urbes - The divine nature produced the fields, human skill has built cities (Varro, De Re Rustica III, 1)
  3. Nemo Potest Omnia Scire - It is not possible to know everything (Varro - De Re Rustica II)
  4. Observes ne in terram nimium aridam aut variam, sed temperatam, semen demittas - Pay attention not to cast your seed into a land too arid or too variant, but tempered (Varro - De Re Rustica, I, 42)
  5. Onus est honos, qui sustinet rem publicam - The duty is the honor that holds a State (Varro De Lingua Latina, V)
  6. Quem puerum vidisti formosum, hunc vides deformem in senecta - The child that dresses beautifully, looks deformed in old age (Varro - De lingua Latina, V)
  7. Qui recte consulate, consul cluat - He who counsels correctly, let him be titled counsil (Varro - De Lingua Latina)
  8. Stercus optimum est volucrium, praeter palustrium et nantium - The best manure is from birds unless they swim or live in marshes (Varro - De Re Rustica, I, 38 )
  9. Ter sub armis malim vitam cernere, quam semel modo parere - I would rather risk my life three times under arms, than to give birth once (Varro De lingua Latina, VI)
  10. Ut in hominibus quaedam sunt agnationes ac gentilitates, sic in verbis - As among men there are certain kinships among gentile groups, so there are among words (Varro De Lingua Latina, VIII, 4)
  11. Vetustas pauca non depravat, multa tollit - Few things do not degenerate with old age, many are suppressed (Varro De Lingua Latina, V, 5)

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