Latin quotes by Erasmus

Erasmus (c. 1466-1536), Dutch Scholar

Desiderius Erasmus Roterodamus

His works include Morias encomion, Adagia, and Epistolae selectae

  1. Acetum habet in pectore - Has vinegar in the chest (Erasmus Adagia II 3.52)
  2. Bis pueri senes - Old men are twice children (Erasmus Adagia I, 5, 36)
  3. Cum aqua fauces strangulet, quid iam opus est bibere? - When the water reaches the throat, why we must drink more? (Erasmus)
  4. Dulce bellum inexpertis - War is sweet to the inexperienced (Erasmus Adagia)
  5. E conchis omnia - everything from shells (Erasmus Darwin, the grandfather of Charles Darwin, had this saying painted on his carriage. He believed life began with simple shelled organisms and that every creature came from them.)
  6. Homo bulla - Man is a bubble (Erasmus - Adagia II, 3, 48)
  7. Lucernam adhibere in meridie - View the Sun with a flashlight (Erasmus, Dutch writer and scholar born in Rotterdam, 1467-1536)
  8. Vestis virum facit - The clothes make the man (Erasmus)

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