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For over 600 years (III BC - III AD) the Romans occupied most of Europe and established Latin as the universal language. After the collapse of the Roman Empire, Latin remained the unifying language of science and higher learning. A professor from Germany could dictate classes in France with ease, since the courses were conducted in Latin. This explains why so many academic terms are in Latin.

  1. Accesit - Honorable Mention (Academic term - Lower price given in scientific, literary or artistic work)
  2. Ad eundem gradum - Admitted to the same degree (Academic term - Where one university admits at the same level as he/she achieved in another)
  3. Ad libertatem per universitatem - To liberty through university (Academic Term - Motto of the Autonomous National University of Nicaragua)
  4. Aliis Vivere - Live for others (Academic Term - Motto of the Faculty of Medicine at the National Autonomous University of Mexico)
  5. Alma mater - Nourishing mother (Academic term - refers to the institution where one got his/her degree)
  6. Argentum Virtus Robur et Studium - Argentine virtue is strength and study (Academic Term - Motto of the University of Buenos Aires)
  7. Baccalaurei in Artibus - Bachelor of Arts (Academic term - University Degree abbreviated as BA)
  8. Baccalaurei in Scientiis - Bachelor of Science (Academic term - University Degree abbreviated as BS)
  9. Campus - Field (Academic term - University grounds)
  10. Carpe noctem - Seize the night (Academic Term used in Universities to justify Party!!! or late studies. Compare with Carpe Diem)
  11. Cum Laude - With Praise (Academic term - Used on degree certificates to indicate exceptional academic standing)
  12. Curriculum vitae - Course of life (Résumé - Document that describes a person academic and work accomplishments)
  13. Doctor honoris causa - Doctor by honor(Academic term - Honorary degree that universities give to famous people)
  14. Honoris causa - For the sake of honor (Academic Term - Honorary degree)
  15. Ignis numquam dicit sufficit - The fire never says enough (Academic Term - Motto of the College Loyola University of Valladolid, Spain)
  16. Lapsus clavis - Key error (Academic Term - Typo, similar to lapsus calami, but when you hit the wrong key in the keyboard)
  17. Magna Cum Laude - With Great Praise (Academic term - Used on degree certificates to indicate exceptional academic standing)
  18. Modos et cunctarum rerum mensuras audebo - I dare to give the methods and measures of all things (Academic term - Motto of the Engineering school fo the San Luis Potosi University in Mexico)
  19. Numerus clausus - The number closed (Academic term - Limited number - The capacity in classrooms, as well as the availability of teachers is limited, so a University cannot accommodate in a dignified manner an unlimited number of students. Therefore, they must set a to limit.)
  20. Omnia Cum Honore - Will all honors (Academic term - Used on degree certificates to indicate exceptional academic standing)
  21. Omnia dici possunt latine - Everything can be said in Latin. (Academic Term)
  22. Philosophiae Doctoris - Doctor of Philosophy (University Degree - highest academic degree in any field, not restricted to only philosophy - abbreviated as PhD)
  23. Sapienta ducet ad astra - Wisdom leads to the stars (Academic term - constant learning leads to the highest levels)
  24. Sapientia sola libertas est - Only wisdom is freedom (Academic term - University Motto)
  25. Sapientia veritas nostra - Wisdom is our truth (Academic term - Motto of the University of Bio-Bio in Concepcion, Chile)

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