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For over 600 years (III BC - IV AD) the Romans occupied most of Europe. They established Latin as the universal language and Christianity as the Universal religion. After the collapse of the Roman Empire, Latin remained the language used by the Roman Catholic Church.

  1. A solis ortus cardine - From eastern lands that first see the sun (Ecclesiastical term - Hymn for Lauds of Christmas morning)
  2. A superbia initium sumpsit omnis perditio - From pride takes initiative all perdition(Ecclesiastical term used before the
  3. Ab Apostolis approbata - Approved by the apostles (Ecclesiastical term)
  4. Abrenuntio - I Renounce (Ecclesiastical term)
  5. Absit - God save me (Ecclesiastical term)
  6. Absolutio ad cautelam - Absolution due to doubt (Ecclesiastical term - Canon Law - When a priest is excommunicated and appeals, he needs to obtain a Ad cautelam to continue to celebrate mass)
  7. Acta Apostolicae Sedis - The works of the Apostolic See (Ecclesiastical term - Official periodical publication from the Vatican)
  8. Ad altare Dei - To the altar of God (Ecclesiastical term)
  9. Ad audiendas confessiones - Confessions in front of the audience (Ecclesiastical term - Test given to a seminarian or transitional deacon who is completing his theological studies)
  10. Ad clerum - To the clergy (Ecclesiastical term)
  11. Ad Iesum Per Mariam - To Jesus by Mary (Ecclesiastical term)
  12. Ad inferos - Towards hell (Ecclesiastical term)
  13. Ad limina apostolorum - To the threshold of apostles (Ecclesiastical term - Referring to the pilgrimage to the tombs of Saint Peter and Saint Paul in Rome)
  14. Ad Maiorem Dei Gloriam - For the greater glory of God (Ecclesiastical term - Motto of the Jesuit order - Often found inscribed in many cathedrals abbreviated as A.M.D.G.)
  15. Ad maiorem Matris Gloriam - For the greater glory of the mother (Ecclesiastical term - Refers to the Church and Virgin Mary)
  16. Ad petendam pluviam - Obligatory Prayer to Request for Rain (Ecclesiastical term - Prayers for rain said in masses) )
  17. Adeste fideles - Come faithful (Ecclesiastical term)
  18. Adorote devote latens deitas - Thee we adore, O hidden God thee (Ecclesiastical term - One of Hymns of Saint Thomas Aquinas)
  19. Adveniat Regnum Tuum - (Ecclesiastical term - part of "Our Father")
  20. Advocatus Diaboli - Devil's Advocate (Ecclesiastical term - Official title given by the Catholic church to the person who prepares the arguments against the sanctification of a candidate)
  21. Agnus Dei, qui tollis peccata mundi, miserere nobis - Lamb of God who takes away the sins of the world, have mercy on us (Ecclesiastical term)
  22. Anathema sit - let him/her be anathema (Ecclesiastical term - Anathema is greek for curse, excommunication)
  23. Angelus Domini nuntiavit Mariae - The angel of the Lord announced to Mary (Ecclesiastical term - Gregorian Chant - Angelus)
  24. Ante portam latinam - Before the Latin door (Ecclesiastical term - motto of the roman church Johannes ante portam latinam)
  25. Apertio aurium - Opening of the ears (Ecclesiastical term - Rite to be held on Wednesday of the Fourth Week of Lent. Openining of the ears because for the first time heard about sacred texts in St. Peter's Basilica)

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