Latin legal digest

Digesta Sive Pandecta Iuris

Digests compiled by Justinian in 530 AD. It consists of 50 books.

  1. Confessus pro iudicato est, qui quodammodo sua sententia damnatur - The one who confesses during trial condems himself, and in a way dictates his sentence (Legal term - Julius Paulus Digest 42,1,50,1)
  2. Confessus pro iudicato habetur - The confessed is held as judged (Legal term - Ulpianus - Digest 42,1,56)
  3. Culpa lata - Gross negligence (Legal Term - compare with Culpa Levis - Defined in Digest 50, 16, 213)
  4. Dolo malo non videtur habere qui suo iure utitur - The one who exercises his right does not have bad intentions (Legal term - Domitius Ulpianus - Digest 43,29,3,2)
  5. Ei incumbit probatio qui dicit, non qui negat - The burden of proof rests on who asserts, not on who denies (Legal term - Julius Paulus Digest 22,3,2)
  6. Humanius credere filium ditius vixise - It is most human to think that the son will survive (Legal term - In an accident where both son and father die, it is presumed that the father died first - Javolenus - Digest 34,5,9,22)
  7. In Cogitationem nemo Patitur - In ideas there is no punishment (Legal term - Domitius Ulpianus - Digest 48.19.18)
  8. In rem actionem pati, non compellimur - In the real action is allowed, not compelled (Furius Anthianus (s.III) Digest 6,1,80 )
  9. Invitus nemo rem cogitur defendere - Nobody will be forced to defend the object (Legal term - Domitius Ulpianus - Digest 50,17,156 - )
  10. Iurisprudentia est divinarum atque humanarum rerum notitia, iusti atque iniusti scientia - The case law is the knowledge of the things divine and human, the science of what is right and what is unjust (Legal term - Domitius Ulpianus - Digest 1,1,10,2)
  11. Ius reipublicae pacto mutari non potest - The public law can not be changed by agreement of individuals (Legal term - Domitius Ulpianus - Digest 50,8,2,8)
  12. Ius singulare est quod contra tenorem rationem, propter aliquam utilitatem, autoritatem constituentium introductus est – Unique law is against the wording of reason, because of some use, has been introduced by the authority of the constituent (Legal term - Julius Paulus - Digest 1,3,16 - )
  13. Mala digestio, nulla felicitas - Bad digestion, no happiness (Sentence that warns about excess eating.)
  14. Nam cum iudicatur rem meam esse, simul iudicatur illius non esse - When it is judged that the object is mine, it is judged that it belongs to nobody else (Legal term - Domitius Ulpianus - Digest 3,3,40,2)
  15. Nam, ut eleganter Celsus definit, ius est ars boni et aequi - As Celsus elegantly defined it, the law is the art of good and fair (Legal term - Domitius Ulpianus - The phrase "Ius est ars boni et Aequi" belongs to Celsus’s son - Ulpianus Digest Domitius collected 1,1,1)
  16. Nemo alieno nomine lege agere potest - No one outside (the cause) may act on behalf of the law (Legal term - Domitius Ulpianus - Digest 50,17,123 - )
  17. Nemo invitus rem cogitur defendere - Nobody is obliged to defend the thing (Legal term, referring to the object of their interest - 50,17,1,56 Digest)
  18. Nemo plus iuris ad alium tranferre potest, quam ipse habere - No one can convey a larger right, than what he has (Legal term - Domitius Ulpianus - Digest, 50, 17, 54 - )
  19. Nihil consensui tam contrarium est, quam vis atque metus: quem comprobare contra bonos mores est - There is nothing so contrary to consent as violence and fear, so if a valid consent given, this would be flawed by morality (Legal term - Domitius Ulpianus - Digest, 50, 17, 116 pr -)
  20. Non omne quod licet honestum est - Not everything is allowed honored (Legal term - Corpus Iuris Civilis, King Roman - Julius Paulus - 50.17144 Digest)
  21. Non potest videre in iudicium venisse id quod post iudicium accidesit - Acts cannot be considered in the trial, if they had occurred after the trial accepted (Legal term - Julius Paulus - Digest 1, 5, 23)
  22. Nullus videtur dolo facere, qui suo iure utitur - There is no harm, when someone exercises his right (Legal term drawn from various sources, including the jurist Gaius (s.II) 50,17,55 Digest)
  23. Omnia saturatio mala, autem perdiciam pessima - All indigestions are bad, but the worst is from eating partridges.
  24. Per sententiam non debet servitus constitui sed quae declarari - There must not be a (new) sentence served, but it must be declared (Domitius Ulpianus - Digest 8,5,84)
  25. Prima digestio fit in ore - The first digestion happens in the mouth

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