Latin quotes by Saint Bernardus Clairval

St. Bernard of Clairvaux (1090-1153 AD), Abbot of Claraval, Christian leader of the Crusades.

Bernardus Claraevallensis

He founded the Cistercian abbey of Claraval (Clairvaux). In addition to instigating the Crusades, he is also one of the founders of the Order of the Temple (was familiar with Hugues de Payens, one of the Nine Templars First), he organized the very strict rules that governed them. His most famous work was the Song of Songs.

  1. Benignus est Spiritus sapientiae, et non consuevit esse difficilis se invocantibus, qui saepe et antequam invocetur, dicit: Ecce adsum - Wisdom is a kindly spirit, and easy of access to those who call upon him. Quite often he anticipates their request and says: "Here I am." (St. Bernardus Clairval - Cantica Canticorum - Sermo XV, 1)
  2. Mariae, nunquam satis - Mary, never enough (St. Bernardus Clairval)
  3. Non nobis, Domine, non nobis, sed nomini tuo da gloriam - Nothing for us, Lord, nothing for us but for the glory of thy name (Motto and fundamental principle of the Order of the Knights Templars, founded by St. Bernardus Clairval in 1118, similar to the Knights of the Holy Sepulcher. The order began with nine knights and advocated Christian humility. This order became so rich, powerful and influential that King Philip the Fair (French) removed them, with the blessing of the Pope, and seized their wealth. This motto denotes submission and total surrender to God - Taken from the Vulgate - Psalm 113.9)
  4. Quid sibi ergo vult septenarius iste? Nescio enim an ita simplex quispiam in nobis sit, qui otiosas esse has vices, et numerum hunc putet fortuitum - What then does that number seven mean? I wonder if anyone among us is so ingenuous as to think that those yawnings of the boy were devoid of import, their number fortuitous (St. Bernardus Clairval - Cantica Canticorum - Sermo XVI, 1)
  5. Quinque de causis addiscit homo: ut sciat, ut sciatur scire, ut vendat, ut aedificet, ut aedificetur. Ut sciat, curiositas est; ut sciatur scire, vanitas; ut vendat, simonia; ut aedificet, charitas; ut aedificetur, humilitas. Qui nutriti erant in croceis, amplexati sunt stercora, id est curam ventris - There are five reasons why men study. To know, so it be known that he knows, to sell, to build, to edify himself. To know is curiosity, to be known is vanity, to sell is simony, to build is charity and to edify yourself is humility (St. Bernardus Clairval - Sententiae 19)
  6. Quis, quid, ubi, quibus auxiliis, cur, quomodo, quando? - Who, what, where, with what, why, how, when? (St. Bernardus Clairval)

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