Latin quotes by Tacitus

Tacitus (c. 56-119 AD), Roman Senator and Historian

Publius Cornelius Tacitus

His works include: Historiae, Annales and Agricola

  1. Annalium ab excesu divi Augusti libri - Annal books since the death of the divine Augustus (Tacitus)
  2. Auferre, rapere, trucidare falsibus nominbus imperium, atque soliditudinem faciunt pacem appellant - They kill, rape and pillage, and they falsely call it "to govern", and where they create a dessert they call it "peace". (Tacitus - Referring to the "Pax Romana" i.e. the destruction of Carthage by Rome)
  3. Bonum virum facile crederes, magnum libenter - You might believe a good man easily, a great man with pleasure (Tacitus)
  4. Corruptissima republica plurimae leges - The corrupted the republic, the more laws it has (Tacitus - Annales (III, 27)
  5. De origine et situ Germanorum - About the origin and Land of the Germans (Tacitus - Germania)
  6. De vita Iulii Agricolae - About the life of Iulius Agricola (Tacitus - Iulius Agricola was his father-in-law)
  7. Dialogus de oratoribus - Dialogue on Orators (A short book by Tacitus)
  8. Feminae saepius lineis amictibus velantur nudae brachia et lacertos - Women often are covered with linen sheets, wearing bare arms and shoulders (Tacitus)
  9. In pessima republica plurimae leges - In the most corrupt republic, the laws are most numerous (Tacitus)
  10. Mores sunt tacitus consensus populi longa consuetudine inveteratus - The customs are tacit agreements made by the consensus of the people over a long interval - (Legal term Domitius Ulpianus)
  11. Omnium consensu capax imperii nisi imperasset - According to all he would have been able to govern even though he had never ruled (Publius Cornelius Tacitus - Annals)
  12. Rara temporum felicitate, ubi sentire quae velis, et quae sentias dicere licet - What uncommon fate of these times, where you can think what you want and say what you think (Publius Cornelius Tacitus, Histories, I, 1)
  13. Sine ira et studio - Without animosity and without favoritism (Publius Cornelius Tacitus - Annals 1.1 - Without anger or passion - Tacitus wanted to write about the reign of Augustus and Tiberius impartially, because their deeds happened a long time ago)
  14. Socordiam eorum inridere libet qui praesenti potentia credunt extingui posse etiam sequentis aevi memoriam - It is a pleasure to laugh at the folly of those who think current power can extinguish the memory of future ages. (Tacitus - Annals IV, 35 - After the Senate condemned the "seditious" writer Cordus, they ordered all his books to be burned, yet they were still read in Tacitus' time. - Thank you: CJJ)
  15. Solitudinem fecerunt, pacem appellant - They made a desert and called it peace (Tacitus - Referring to the "Pax Romana" i.e. the destruction of Carthage by Rome)
  16. Ubi solitudinem faciunt, pacem apellant - They create desolation and call it peace (Tacitus - Pax Romana i.e. the destruction of Carthage by Rome)
  17. Vivi ad arma nati - Born mercenaries (That's how Tacitus describes Germans recruits)

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