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  1. Ab alio expectes alteri quod feceris - Expect to receive such treatment as you have given (Syrus - Sententiae)
  2. Ab alta cuncta - From the altitud
  3. Ab amando ductum est amicitiae nomen - From loving (amando) derives the word friendship (amicitiae)
  4. Ab amico reconciliato cave - Beware of the reconciled friend
  5. Ab ante - From before
  6. Ab antecedente - In adavance (Legal term)
  7. Ab antiquo - From a long time ago
  8. Ab Apostolis approbata - Approved by the apostles (Ecclesiastical term)
  9. Ab esse ad posse valet consequentia - As a consequence of the reality, it is a possibility (Philosophical term - Since it is real, it is possible)
  10. Ab exordio generis humani - Since the beginning of the human race
  11. Ab exordio mundi - Since the beginning of the world
  12. Ab exordio vitae - Since the beginning of life
  13. Ab homine quaesivi quis esset - Asked the man, who he was
  14. Ab Imis Fundamentis - From my deepest roots (About restoration or reconstruction)
  15. Ab imis unguibus usque ad verticem summum - From the bottom of the toenail to the highest part of the body (Cicero - Pro Q Roscio Comoedo, 20)
  16. Ab immemorabilis - From when there was no memory
  17. Ab imo pectore - From my chest (Julius Caesar - Frankly - From my heart)
  18. Ab initio - From the beginning
  19. Ab insomne custodita dracone - Protected by a sleepless dragon
  20. Ab integro - By whole
  21. Ab intestato - Having made no will (Legal term)
  22. Ab intra - From within
  23. Ab Iove principium - Start with the most important (Virgil - Aeneid VII - Iove [Jove] is Jupiter, the father of all Roman Gods)
  24. Ab ipso ferro - From the same iron (Fray Luis de Leon's motto)
  25. Ab irato - By anger (Legal term - Something which is invalidated, because it was done with unreasonable anger)

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