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  1. Amore dultis exitus Love darkens success
  2. Amorea mortuus sum - I am dead for love
  3. Amoris irae amoris integratio sunt - The quarrels of lovers are the renewal of love (Terence)
  4. Amoris vulnus idem sanat qui facit - The wound of love, is healed by the same who makes it (Syrus)
  5. Animula vagula blandula Hospes comesque corporis, Quae nunc abibis in loca Pallidula, rigida, nudula, Nec, ut soles, dabis iocos - Little soul, soft, wandering guest and friend of the body, you'll go now pale, hard, bare spots and you will not play, as you usually did (Philosophical Term - these words were spoken by the emperor Hadrian Augustus, expresses the dualism body and soul, at the approach of death, longing for love games)
  6. Ante omnia, fratres carissimi, diligatur deus, deinde et proximus, quia ista sunt praecepta principaliter nobis data Before all else, dearest brothers, let God be loved, and then your neighbor, because these are the chief commandments which have been given to us (Saint Agustine - Rule used by his followers)
  7. Argue sapientem et diliget te - Reprove a wise man, and he will love thee (Vulgate - Proverbs 9, 8)
  8. Ars Amandi / Ars amatoria - The Art of Love (Book by Ovid)
  9. Ars gratia artis - Art for the love of art (Motto of the movie studio Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer (MGM) written under the lion)
  10. Balnea, vina, Venus corrumpunt corpora nostra, sed vitam faciunt, balnea, vina, Venus - Baths, wine and love corrupt our bodies, but they give us life, baths, wine and love (Graffiti in Pompey).
  11. Caecus amor prolis - The love for children is blind
  12. Caritate Patriae - Love for country (Cicero)
  13. Crescit amor nummi, quantum ipsa pecunia crescit - The love of money grows, as the money itself grows (Juvenal)
  14. Cui amat periculum in illo peribit - Whoever loves danger will perish by it. (Vulgate - Ecclesiasticus or Sirach III)
  15. Cum forma dilapsus amor - Love dissipates with beauty
  16. Da mi basia mille, deinde centum, dein mille altera, dein secunda centum - Give me a thousand kisses, then another hundred, then another thousand, then a hundred more (Catullus - Love phrase - Kisses for catullus)
  17. Deus caritas est - God is love (First encyclical letter written by Pope Benedict XVI)
  18. Difficile est longum subito deponere amorem - It is difficult suddenly to put aside a long-standing love (C. Valerius Catullus)
  19. Ecce, quid iste tuus praeter nova carmina vates donat amatoris? Multa milia legis - Behold, is this your lover poet who gives nothing but new verses? You will need to read thousands more. (Ovid - "Amores")
  20. Ego amo te - I love you
  21. Ego autem dico vobis: Diligite inimicos vestros - But I say to you, love your enemies (Vulgate - Matthew 5,44)
  22. Ego qui te diligam tamen hoc unum concedere non possum - Although I love you, I cannot convince you of it
  23. Epistula non erubescit - A letter does not blush (Cicero - Love letter or letter of apology)
  24. Ergo breue praeceptum tibi praecipitur, dilige, et quod uis fac: siue taceas, dilectione taceas; siue clames, dilectione clames; siue emendes, dilectione emendes; siue parcas, dilectione parcas: radix sit intus dilectionis, non potest de ista radice nisi bonum existere - Therefore, a short precept: Love and do what you want; if you shut up, do it for love; if you scream, also do it for love; if you correct, also for love; If you abstain, do it for love. Let the root of love be within you and let nothing can come out unless it is good (St. Augustine - Love and do what you want - Homily VII, paragraph 8)
  25. Et custodivit quasi pupillam oculi sui - And he kept it, as the apple of his eye (Love phrase - denoting the best care possible)

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