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  1. Quia ipse mecum non possum - Because I cannot (litigate) against myself (Legal term - Gaius, Roman jurist (II c) 4.78 Digest)
  2. Quia semper necessitas probandi incumbit illi qui agit - Because the need to prove that demand is always on the claimant (Legal term - Marcian, Emperor of Constantinople (390-457) 22,3,21 Digest)
  3. Quod si dolo possesoris fugerit dammandum eum, quasi possideret - If the defendent committed fraud and lost the object, he will be demanded as if he still had it (Legal term of Domitius Ulpian, Digest 6.1,22 )
  4. Res iudicata pro veritate accipitur - The thing judged is considered certain (Legal term - Once something was decided by a court or a judged, it should not be re-submitted - Ulpian Digest 1,5,25)
  5. Sed cum ambo iudicium provocat, sorte res discerni solet - However, when both initiated the trial, usually fate decides (Legal term - Dominitius Ulpian Digest 5,1,14)
  6. Si is, cum quo lege Aquilia agitur, confessus est servum occidisse, licet non occiderit, si tamen occisus sit homo, ex confesso tenetur - If one confesses of kiling a slave, he must be condemmed if the slave is killed, or if he dies of natural causes (Legal term - Julius Paulus Digest 42,2,4)
  7. Vim vi reppelere licet - It is lawful to repel force by force (Roman aphorism, that the jurist Ulpian Domicio attributed to Senator Cassius (85-42 BC) - Digest 43,16,3,9)

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