Academic Latin Phrases
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  1. Sciencia et Cultura pro omine - Science and culture at the service of man (Academic term - University Motto)
  2. Scientia est cognitio certa et vera causas - Science is a true and certain knowledge of things (Academic term)
  3. Scientiam et veritatem et iustitiam doce me - Science and Truth and Justice will teach me (Academic term - Original motto of Lima University, Peru)
  4. Scire ad trascendere - Learn to transcend (Academic term - Motto of Zalapa University in Veracruz, Mexico)
  5. Se lumen proferre - Let the light shine forth (Academic term - Motto of Aguascalientes University in Mexico)
  6. Summa Cum Laude - With Greatest Praise (Academic term - Used on degree certificates to indicate exceptional academic standing)
  7. Ut charitas et scientia humanitati inserviant - Charity and science to the service of humanity (Academic term - Motto of Medicine school of the University in San Luis Potosi)

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