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  1. Accedite candidatos - Candidates set forward (Ceremonial term)
  2. Accesit - Honorable Mention (Academic term - Lower price given in scientific, literary or artistic work)
  3. Accesorium non ducit, sed sequitur suum principale - The accessory does not lead, they follow the fortunes of the principal (Legal term)
  4. Accipe quod tuum, alterique da suum - Take what is yours, leave theirs to them
  5. Accipere quam facere praestat iniuriam - It is better to be the subject of injustice than to commit it
  6. Accoliti surgant - Rise the acolytes (Ceremonial term)
  7. Acerba semper et immatura mors eorum qui inmortale aliquid parant - The death of those who prepare something immortal is always hard and premature (Gaius Plinius Caecilius Secundus, Epistue 5, 5, 4)
  8. Acetum habet in pectore - Has vinegar in the chest (Erasmus Adagia II 3.52)
  9. Acta Apostolicae Sedis - The works of the Apostolic See (Ecclesiastical term - Official periodical publication from the Vatican)
  10. Acta diuturna populi Romani - The daily works of the Roman people (A chronical)
  11. Acta Editorum - Published Work
  12. Acta Eruditorum - Works of the scholar
  13. Acta est fabula, plaudite! - The play is over, applaud! (The last words of Caesar Augustus) )
  14. Acta non verba - Action, not words
  15. Acta publica probanti se ipsa - Public Works are prove in and of themselves
  16. Acta sanctorum - Deeds of the saint
  17. Acti labores iucundi - The pleasure of finished work (Satisfaction that is experience when one finishes something)
  18. Actio damni infecti - Action for damages and infections (Legal term - e.g. Restitution for cattle grazing on the plaintiff's land)
  19. Actio de in rem verso - Enrichment without cause (Legal term)
  20. Actio de partu agnoscendo - Action of recognition of the child (Legal term)
  21. Actio est ius persequendi in iudicio, quod sibi debetur - Action is the right to obtain what it is due by the process of law (Legal term - Flavius Petrus Sabbatius Iustinianus Instituta, libri 1, 6)
  22. Actio illicita in causa - Action illicitly planned (Legal term - compare with Actio libera in causa)
  23. Actio in personam - Personal action (Legal term)
  24. Actio in rem scripta - Real action (Legal term)
  25. Actio libera in causa - Action free in its cause (Legal term - compare with Actio illicita in causa)
  26. Actio pro socio - An action of partnership (Legal term - An action brought by one partner against his associates to compel them to carry out the terms of the partnership agreement)
  27. Actio Redhibitoria - Action to rescind a sale (Legal term)
  28. Actio semel extincta non reviviscit - Extinguished action does not revive (Legal term)
  29. Actiones non natae non praescribunt - Actions that have not been born, are not prescribed (Legal term)
  30. Activa tantum - Active construction (Grammartical term - Verbs that only have an active voice)
  31. Actor incumbit probatio, reus excipiendo fit actor - The plaintiff must provide proof of the facts alleged, the defendant the exceptions presented (Legal term)
  32. Actore non probante, reus absolvitur - When the plaintiff does not prove his case, the defendant is absolved (Legal term)
  33. Actori incumbis onus probandi - The plaintiff must prove the case (Legal term)
  34. Actus me invito pactus, non es meus actus - What I did against my will is not my fault (Legal term)
  35. Actus mortis - Moment of death (Also refers to "fake death" and hypnosis)
  36. Actus non facit reum nisi mens sit rea - The act does not make a person guilty unless the mind is also guilty (Legal term)
  37. Acu traiectatur duo lina ducente - Thread the needle with two threads
  38. Acuti morbi in quattuordecim diebus iudicantur - Acute illnesses are resolved in fourteen days (Medical Maxim - Hippocrates)
  39. Ad acta - To the archives (Legal term - abbreviated as AA)
  40. Ad acta atra peracta sunt facta atta patrata - For dark acts are prepared dark jails (Legal term in reference to serious crimes)
  41. Ad altare Dei - To the altar of God (Ecclesiastical term)
  42. Ad Altiora, et meliora, semper - Always the highest and the best
  43. Ad altiora tendimus - We hung high (Motto of Superior National Institute faculty in Modern Languages "Juan Ramon Fernandez" in Argentina)
  44. Ad Amphitruo - The Host (Title of a book by Plautus)
  45. Ad aperturam libri - To the open book
  46. Ad aras - To the end
  47. Ad Astra per alas Gryps - To the stars on Gryphon's wings ( Thank you: CAPT(sg) D. )
  48. Ad astra per aspera - To the stars, the hard way (Apollo Motto - missions to the moon)
  49. Ad audiendas confessiones - Confessions in front of the audience (Ecclesiastical term - Test given to a seminarian or transitional deacon who is completing his theological studies)
  50. Ad augusta per angusta - To high places by narrow roads
  51. Ad auxilium vocatus - The one called to help (Legal term - ad-vocatus = lawyer)
  52. Ad avizandum - To further consider ( The term employed when a Scottish Court takes further time for the consideration of a cause, instead of pronouncing an immediate decision upon it. The Court is said to ‘take the case ad avizandum’ or to ‘make avizandum of the case’”. This Latinate word is one of the many Scottish legal terms that is not heard in English Courts - Thank you: Alasdair Rankin )
  53. Ad bene placitum - For good pleasure
  54. Ad bona - For the good (Legal term - Used in the frase "curator ad bona" in reference to the guardian of estate of minor)
  55. Ad calendas graecas / Ad kalendas graecas - At the Greek Kalendas (Never!! The greeks did not mark time in Kalendas)
  56. Ad captandum vulgus - To capture the people (Political term - Appeal to the masses - To win over the crowds)
  57. Ad cautelam - As a precaution (Legal term - Refers to a docuement that is not necessary, but it is filed just in case)
  58. Ad clerum - To the clergy (Ecclesiastical term)
  59. Ad curram et communico - To care is to share (The St Patrick's School Military Band's motto translated into latin)
  60. Ad effectum vivendi et probandi - To the effect of being seen and proven (Legal term)
  61. Ad ephesios - To the Ephesians (One of the books in the Vulgate - It also refers to words to the wind, or to speak without being listen to)
  62. Ad ephesios - To the Ephisians (Vulgate - Letter to Paul to the inhabitants of Ephesus, where he encourages them to banish falsehood and to behave as wise men)
  63. Ad eundem gradum - Admitted to the same degree (Academic term - Where one university admits at the same level as he/she achieved in another)
  64. Ad eundum quo nemo ante iit - To boldly go where no man has gone before (Latin translation of Star Trek's motto)
  65. Ad finem - To the end
  66. Ad futuram rei memoriam - For the future memory of this matte
  67. Ad gloriam - For glory
  68. Ad hic - In this place
  69. Ad hoc - For the immediate purpose (Legal term - It is used to described something that was meant for one purpose, but it is used for another. For example, a knife could be used "ad hoc" as a screwdriver. It could also mean the opposite. For example, a law was passed "ad hoc" to help the victims of a disaster)
  70. Ad hominem - To the man (Diplomatic and Legal term - Attack against the man instead of the facts. An “argument ad hominem” tries to discredit the man, instead of his arguments)
  71. Ad hominen tu quoque - Directed to the man, you too (Legal and philosophical term - You too fallacy - Two wrongs make a right - Argumentum ad hominem that consists of defending oneself by accusing the accuser of the same crime)
  72. Ad Honorem - In honor of (Epigraphy abbreviated as AH)
  73. Ad idem - Of the same (Legal term - Meeting of the minds - Both parties of the contract understand and accept the terms)
  74. Ad Iesum Per Mariam - To Jesus by Mary (Ecclesiastical term)
  75. Ad illic - In that place (Legal term)
  76. Ad impossibilia nemo tenetur - No one is obligated to perform the impossible (Legal term)
  77. Ad inferos - From the dead (Ecclesiastical term)
  78. Ad infinitum - To infinity (Mathematical term - process or operation is to be carried out endlessly)
  79. Ad infra - From below
  80. Ad inquirendum - To the inquiry (Legal term - Court mandate inquiry of anything related to the case)
  81. Ad interim - In the meantime (Temporarily - Abbreviated as a.i.)
  82. Ad invicem - Reciprocal
  83. Ad iuditium - From judgement (Legal term)
  84. Ad iustitiam per ius - Towards justice by right (Motto of Faculty of Law at the Autonomous University of San Luis Potosi, Mexico)
  85. Ad libertatem per universitatem - To liberty through university (Academic Term - Motto of the Autonomous National University of Nicaragua)
  86. Ad libitum - At will (Legal Term abbreviated as ad lib.)
  87. Ad limina apostolorum - To the threshold of apostles (Ecclesiastical term - Referring to the pilgrimage to the tombs of Saint Peter and Saint Paul in Rome)
  88. Ad litem - For the suit (Legal term - "guardian ad litem" refers to a party appointed by a court to represent the interests of another)
  89. Ad litteram - Literly (Exactly, to the letter)
  90. Ad maiora nati sumus - We are born for greater things
  91. Ad Maiorem Dei Gloriam - For the greater glory of God (Ecclesiastical term - Motto of the Jesuit order - Often found inscribed in many cathedrals abbreviated as A.M.D.G.)
  92. Ad maiorem Matris Gloriam - For the greater glory of the mother (Ecclesiastical term - Refers to the Church and Virgin Mary)
  93. Ad marginem - At margin (Grammatical term - Notes written in a book outside the main text)
  94. Ad metalla - To the mines (Sentence equivalent to forced labor)
  95. Ad multos annos - For many year
  96. Ad nauseam - To nausea (When the speaker repeats the point so many times, that it makes you sick)
  97. Ad nocendum potentes sumus - We are pleased to harm
  98. Ad notam - Make note (Thank you: Linda Sartori )
  99. Ad notitiam - By new
  100. Ad nutum - At will

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