Latin phrases about War

  1. Alea iacta est - The die has been thrown (Said by Julius Caesar when he crossed with his troops the Rubicon river in 49 BC, despite the refusal of the Roman Senate, thus provoking civil war)
  2. Ante bellum - Before War (Period of increasing tension that leads to a war)
  3. Arma virumque cano, Troiae qui primus ab oris Italiam, fato profugus, Laviniaque venit litora - I sing of war and of a man, who first from the shores of Troy, driven by fate, arrived in Italy and on Lavinian shores. (Virgil - Aeneid I)
  4. Audi Iuppiter et tu Iane Quirine dique omnes caelestes vosque terrestres vosque inferni audite - Hear, O Jupiter and you too, Janus-Quirino also, and all the celestial, terrestrial, and infernal gods, hear (Livy Book I - Declaration of war)
  5. Bella! Horrida bella! - War! Horrid War! (Virgil - Virgil - Aeneid, VI, 86)
  6. Bellum internecinum! - War of extermination
  7. Bellum omnium contra omnes - War of all against all (Thomas Hobbes [1588-1679] - Levithan, XIII)
  8. Casus belli - Cause of war (Diplomatic term - Reason to start a war)
  9. Deus vult - God wills it (Motto of the First Crusade - 1095 war ordered by Pope Urban II against Muslims in Jerusalem)
  10. Duas fossas XV pedes latas eadem altitudine perduxit - Directed the construction of two trenches fifteen feet wide and the same depth (Julius Caesar - The Gallic war)
  11. Dulce bellum inexpertis - War is sweet to the inexperienced (Erasmus Adagia)
  12. Ego amissus pugna sed autere bellum - I lost the battle but i won the war (Thank you: Greg Mamalis)
  13. Est idoneum bello - It is suitable for war
  14. Hannibal ad portas - Hannibal is at the gates (Warning to the Roman senate that Hannibal was approaching Rome at the second Punic War - Later it became a phrase that roman parents used to scare their children into behaving)
  15. Inter arma, silent Leges - When the arms yell, the laws are silent. (Michael Waltzer in his work "Just and Unjust wars" uses it to refer to the cruel reality of the violation of human rights during war conflicts)
  16. Ius ad bellum - Right to war, Just war (Legal and Diplomatic term - refers to the branch of law that defines the legitimate reasons that a State has to go to war and focuses on certain criteria for a just war)
  17. Ius in bello - Law of War (Diplomatic term)
  18. Latebra bellorum - Refuge against war
  19. Latrunculorum , similis est bellum, et consilium ex tempore, et quia opus ei ad conciliandos - Chess is like war, strategy and time are both needed to win (Thank you: Laura )
  20. Miles in Bello - Soldier in War (Benedict XIII (17241730) motto, according to St. Malachy prophecies - There is no association with his coat of arms, name or birth place)
  21. Nihil sine Deo - Nothing without God! (Motto of the coat of arms of the German Hohenzollern dynasty, which ruled Germany until 1918, the year of the end of World War I. )
  22. Nobiscum Deus - God with us (Battlecry of the Roman and Byzantine Empire - In its Germanized form "Gott mit us" was the theme of battle royal house of Prussia and the German Army motto in World War II)
  23. Non culum batum belli, culum batum culum mortis - Queers do not go to war. Fag that goes, fag that dies (It is an expression used when someone is afraid of something)
  24. Nunc Minerva, postea Palas Atenea - First wisdom, after the war (Motto of military engineers from Spain, Minerva is the goddess of wisdom, Palas Atenea of war)
  25. Nunquam non paratus - Never unprepared (Motto of an Empire preparing for war)
  26. Omnis amans militat - Every lover makes war (Ovid, Amores, I, 9, 1)
  27. Pia Civitas in Bello - Pious City in War (Pope Innocent IX (1591) motto, according to St. Malachy prophecies - He was Patriarch of Jerusalem)
  28. Plus quam civila bella - Worse than civil war
  29. Religio Depopulata - Unpopulated Religion (Pope Benedict XV (1914-1922) motto, according to St. Malachy prophecies There is no association with his coat of arms, name or birth place. Some people say it is because he reigned during War War I and the Russian Revolution)
  30. Res ad triarios venit - The thing has come to the Triarii (Critical issue - The Triari were the reserved soldiers. When it got to this point in war, it meant that all the front soldiers had fallen)
  31. Si vis pacem para bellum - If you want peace prepare for war (The display of military might discourages war - Thank you: Joe Pappalardo - Phrase originally used by the German Empire. It was shortened to "Parabellum" and referred to 9mm ammunition used during WWI. Modern 9mm bullets still retain the "Parabellum" designation - Thank you: E.S.)
  32. Silent enim leges inter arma - Laws are silent in times of war (Cicero)
  33. Sub hasta - Under the lance (That's where the share on the war spoils)
  34. Summa sedes non capit duos - The maximum power cannot be reached by two (Answer by the Roman Senate to the Carthaginian peace embassy, sent along the captive consul Regulus, after the first Punic War )
  35. Tune Mariun audebis occidere? - Do you dare to kill Gaius Marius? (Appian - Civil War - Gaius Marius said this to the soldier to kill him. That soldier did not dare after he heard this)
  36. Ubi mors ibi spes - Where there is death, there is hope (Motto in a Falange Flag during the Spanish Civil War)
  37. Zama quinque dierum iter a Carthagine abest - Zama far from Cartago a journey of five days (Livy - Book XXX, 29 - Zama was the battle that "ended" war between Scipio Africanus and Anhibal)

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