Latin quotes by Augustine

Saint Augustine of Hippo (354-430 AD), Bishop and Doctor of the Church.

Aurelius Augustinus

His most important work is Confessions published in 401.

  1. Ama Deum et fac quod vis - Love God and do what you want (Augustine)
  2. Ama et quod vis fac - Love and do what you want (St. Augustine - Principle of Christian ethics)
  3. Animus hominis est inmortalis corpus mortale - The human soul is immortal, the body is mortal (Augustine)
  4. Bene curris, sed extra viam - You run well, but you are out of the path (Augustine)
  5. Credo ut intelligam - I believe so that I may understand (Augustine)
  6. Da mihi castitatem et continentiam, sed noli modo - Give me chastity and continence, but not just yet (Augustine of Hippo - Confessions)
  7. Da quod iubes et iube quod vis - Da lo que mandas, y manda lo que quieras - Give what thou commandest and command what thou wilt (Philosophical term - Augustine)
  8. De civitate Dei - The City of God (One of Augustine of Hippo's master pieces)
  9. Deum et animam scire cupio; nihil aliud - I want to know God and the soul, nothing more (Augustine)
  10. Deus cui hoc est natura quod fecerit - God is like the nature He made (Augustine - Opera Omnia)
  11. Deus est qui omnem mundum regit - God is who governs the entire world (Augustine)
  12. Deus, lumen cordis mei et panis oris intus animae meae et virtus maritans mentem meamet sinum cogitationis meae - God, light of my heart and the bread of my mouth deep in soul and the strength that ties my mind and bosom of my thoughts (Ecclesiastical term - St. Augustine Confessionum liber I. Chapter XIII)
  13. Ergo breue praeceptum tibi praecipitur, dilige, et quod uis fac: siue taceas, dilectione taceas; siue clames, dilectione clames; siue emendes, dilectione emendes; siue parcas, dilectione parcas: radix sit intus dilectionis, non potest de ista radice nisi bonum existere - Therefore, a short precept: Love and do what you want; if you shut up, do it for love; if you scream, also do it for love; if you correct, also for love; If you abstain, do it for love. Let the root of love be within you and let nothing can come out unless it is good (St. Augustine - Love and do what you want - Homily VII, paragraph 8)
  14. Etsi homines falles deum tamen fallere non poteris - Although you can deceive men, you will not be able to deceive God (Augustine)
  15. In aere aedificare - Built in the air (Augustine)
  16. Intellectum valde ama - Strongly love intelligence (St. Augustine - Epist of Hippo in 120, 3.13: PL 33.459)
  17. Intelligo me intelligere - I understand. that I understand (St. Augustine)
  18. Inter faeces et urinam nascimur - Between feces and urine we are born (St. Augustine)
  19. Mihi quaestio factus sum - I have become a question to myself (St. Augustine - Confessions X, 33, 50)
  20. Nec ego ipse capio totum, quod sum - Not even I understand everything I am (Augustine)
  21. Nemo est tam stultus quin credat Deum esse - Nobody is so foolish not believe God exists (Augustine)
  22. Nisi credideritis, non intelligetis - Unless you will have believed, you will not understand (Augustine)
  23. Noli foras ire, in teipsum reddi; in interiore homine habitat veritas - Dont' lose your self, return to you, inside of you lives the truth (Augustine)
  24. Non intratur in veritatem, nisi per caritatem - No one enters the truth, with out love (Augustine)
  25. Nosmetipsi nobis solutio sumus - We ourselves (and nothing else) are the solution for us (It is the St. Augustine answer to the question Mihi quaestio factus sum)
  26. Nova sunt qui dicitis, mira sunt qui dicitis, falsa sunt qui dicitis - New are the things you say, wonderful are the things that you say, false are the things you say. (St. Augustine, to the the Manichees, in his "Confessions")
  27. Noverim me, noverim Te - Let me know myself, let me know You ( St. Augustine - The more that we know ourselves, the more that we would know God who made us for Himself - Thank you: Fr. Anthony P. Irineo, OAR )
  28. Nulla potestas nisi a Deo - All power comes through God (Augustine, who tried to legitimize the power of the church through the divinity of God, explaining that both the kings and the church had their powers given by God)
  29. Ordinis San Agustinus - Order of Saint Augustine (Augustinians - Abbreviated as O.S.A.)
  30. Pondus meum amor meus; eo feror, quocumque feror - My weight is my love; by that i am drawn wherever i am carried (Philosophical term - Augustine)
  31. Quid ergo est tempus? Si nemo ex me quaerat, scio; Si quaerente explicare velim, nescio - What is time? If no one asks me, I know. But if I want to explain to someone who asks, then I do not know. (St. Augustine)
  32. Quocumque fugies deus te videbit - Anywhere you run away, God sees you (St. Augustine)
  33. Roma Locuta Est, Causa Finita Est - Rome has spoken, the case is closed (St Augustine declaring the authority of the Pope)
  34. Sero te amavi, pulchritudo tam antiqua et tam nova - Too late have I loved you, beauty so ancient and so new (St. Augustine - Alluding to his late conversion to Christianity)
  35. Si fallor sum - If I am wrong (St. Augustine)
  36. Si sapientia Deus est, verus philosophus est amator Dei - If wisdom is God, then the true philosopher is a lover of God (Philosophical Term - St. Augustine)
  37. Si vis amari ama - I you want to be loved, love (Ecclesiastical term - St. Augustine)
  38. Tolle, lege - Take and Read (The words that St. Augustine heard inside his head, which made him turn into the Bible)
  39. Verba inter homines obtinuerunt principatum significandi - Men express their thoughts and intentions primarily through words (St. Augustine)
  40. Virtus non est nisi diligere quod diligendum est - Virtue is nothing but loving what ought to be loved. (It is one of the sharpest definitions of christian ethics. It can be found in Augustines Epistle 155, c.13,)

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