Latin phrases about friendship

  1. Ab amando ductum est amicitiae nomen - From loving (amando) derives the word friendship (amicitiae)
  2. Ab amico reconciliato cave - Beware of the reconciled friend
  3. Amici, diem perdidi - A Friends, I lost a day (Vespasian)
  4. Amicitia amicorum magnam laetitiam nobis parat - The friendship of the great friends, joy lies ahead (Although it seems redundant, it is not. On the contrary the author wants to draw attention to true friendship)
  5. Amicitia pulchra est - Friendship is beautiful
  6. Amicitia quae desinere potest, vera nunquam fuit - A friendship that can cease, was never a true friendship (St. Jerome)
  7. Amicitia semper prodest, amor aliquando etiam nocet - Friendship always takes advantage, love sometimes fails (Seneca)
  8. Amicitia te cum mihi non est - I do not have friendship with you
  9. Amicitia vera illuminat - Authentic friendship shines
  10. Amicitiae nostrae memoriam spero sempiternam fore - I hope that the memory of our friendship will be everlasting. (Thank you: Cicero)
  11. Amicus Actus - Amicable or Friendly - Thank you: Julio Ramirez
  12. Amicus certus in re incerta cernitur - A certain friend is seen in an uncertain matte
  13. Amicus curiae - A friend of the court (Legal term - Advisor in matter of law)
  14. Amicus est tamquam alter idem - A friend is the same for another me
  15. Amicus fidelis protectio fortis; qui autem invenit illum, invenit thesaurum. Amico fideli nulla est comparatio, et non est ponderatio contra bonitatem illius - A faithful friend is a sturdy shelter; The one who finds one finds a treasure (Vulgate Sirach /Ecclesiastes 6, 14)
  16. Amicus humani generis - A friend of the human race (A philanthropist - It is also used in a satirical sense to describe people who are friends of the whole world without actually be friends with anyone, for example television personality and political leaders)
  17. Amicus protectio fortis - Strong protection by friends (Motto of Cedros school in Mexico City)
  18. Amor es fortior amitia - Love is stronger than friendship (Friendship can fail but true love fails not - Thank you: DR Goelic Medici )
  19. Amor, ex quo amicitia es nominata - Love from which takes its name friendship. (Cicero)
  20. Animula vagula blandula Hospes comesque corporis, Quae nunc abibis in loca Pallidula, rigida, nudula, Nec, ut soles, dabis iocos - Little soul, soft, wandering guest and friend of the body, you'll go now pale, hard, bare spots and you will not play, as you usually did (Philosophical Term - these words were spoken by the emperor Hadrian Augustus, expresses the dualism body and soul, at the approach of death, longing for love games)
  21. Annorum vinum, socius vetus et vetus aurum - Old wine, old friend and old gold (The virtue of old age)
  22. Aurora Musis amica - Dawn is friend of the muses (The early bird gets the warm)
  23. Beatus est qui non caret de amici - Blessed is he who is not without friends
  24. Cisne carnem amicum inveni? - ¿Perhaps I have not found a friendly man?
  25. Cum amico et familiari sincere semper est agendum - Always proceed with honesty when dealing with friends and family
  26. Cum amico non certandum aemulatione - Do not compete with friends
  27. Cum amico omnia amara et dulcia communicata velim - I would like share all sorrows and all pleasures with my friend
  28. Decet amicitiam colere (retinere, tueri) - Cultivate friendship (Ciceron - De amicitia)
  29. Donec eris felix, multos numerabis amicos: Tempora si fuerint nubila, solus eris - As long as you are fortunate, you will have many friends: if clouds appear, you will be alone (Ovid Tristia)
  30. Dum eris felix, numerabis multos amicos. Tempora si fuerint nubila, solus eris. Ovidius - As long as you are fortunate, you will count many friends. If times become cloudy, you will be alone.
  31. Et monere et moneri proprium est verae amicitiae - It is a characteristic of true friendship to give advice and to receive it (Cicero - De amicitia)
  32. Hominibus plenum, amicis vacuum - Crowded with men, yet bare of friends.
  33. In amicitia nihil fictum est, nihil simulatum, et quidquid est, id est verum et voluntarium - In friendship there is nothing fictitious, nothing simulated, and it is in fact true and voluntary (Cicero - de Amicitia)
  34. Morum dissimilitudo dissociat amicitias - The difference in customs separate friends (Cicero)
  35. Multa hospicia, nullas amicitias - Many acquaintances, no friends
  36. Non sunt amici, amici qui degunt procul - Friends who spend time apart are not friends
  37. O amice, vir bonus es - Friend, you are a good man
  38. O socii (neque enim ignari sumus ante malorum), o passi graviora, dabit deus his quoque finem vos et Scyllaeam rabiem penitusque sonantis accestis scopulos, vos et Cyclopia saxa experti. revocate animos maestumque timorem mittite; forsan et haec olim meminisse iuvabit - O friends (for we were not unknown to prior evils) O you who’ve endured worse, the god will grant an end to this too. You’ve faced rabid Scylla, and her deep-sounding cliffs. and you’ve experienced the Cyclopes’s rocks. remember your courage and chase away gloomy fears. (Virgil - The Aeneid I 22)
  39. Plures amicos mensa quam mens concipit - More friends are found at the table set for food than at the table set for reasoning (When times are hard, friends are few - Thank you: Robert Molefhabangwe)
  40. Pro amcis suis - For his Friends (Motto of the Bishop of Diocese of St. Petersburg)
  41. Quae potest esse vitae iucunditas, sublatis amicitiis? - What has life pleasant, if no friends? (Cicero De amicitia )
  42. Si amicus meus adesset auxilio non egerem - If my friend was here, I would not need help
  43. Si bene commemini, causae sunt quinque bibendi: hospitis adventus, praecens sitis, atque futura, aut vini bonitas, aut quaelibet altera causa - If I remember correctly, there are five reasons for drinking: the arrival of a friend, the thirst of the moment, or the future, the goodness of wine or anything else (Epigram praising the virtues of wine regardless of the circumstance)
  44. Sine amicitia, vita esse nullam - Life is nothing without friends (Cicero)
  45. Solem e mundo tollere videntur qui amicitiam e vita tollunt - It is like taking the sun from the world, the actions of those who to take friendship out of life (Cicero)
  46. Sus amica luto - The pig friend of the mud (Horace - Like a friend told me, arguing with engineers is like wrestling with a pig in the mud, after a while you realize that the pig likes it)
  47. Testimonium veritati, non amicitiae reddas - Truthful testimony, not given because of friendship (Seneca)
  48. Totus Debitum Pensus - All Debts Paid (Motto of a family who are friends of the Adams family.)
  49. Ul litigatores pro patrociniis certam iustamque mercedem dare - The litigants pay the sponsors a certain just price (Suetonius, a Roman historian (70-160) wrote about Nero - In those days, it was forbidden pay the lawyers, who were supposed to advise on the name of friendship. Emperor Nero enforced a compulsory pay )
  50. Verae amicitiae difficillime reperiuntur in iis, qui in honoribus reque publica versantur; ubi enim istum invenias, qui honorem amici anteponat suo? - The authentic friendships can hardly be among those who are in public office and in politics; for where could you find someone who would prefer the political advancement of his friend to his own? (Cicero - De Amicitia, 64)
  51. Verae amicitiae sempiternae sunt - True friendships are eternal
  52. Veram amicitiam in adversa fortuna videbamus - We'll see true friendship in times of bad luck
  53. Veri amici non prava exempla, sed bona consilia dant - Good friends do not give bad example, but good advice
  54. Verus amicus est tanquam alter idem - A true friend is like another self (Seen in boxes of Borkum Riff pipe tobacco)
  55. Verus amicus nunquam amici oblisviscitur - A true friend will never forget the old friend (Unconditional loyalty among friends)
  56. Viri infelicis procul amici - Friends stay away from an unhappy man (Seneca)

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