Fallacies in Latin

  1. Ad hominen tu quoque - Directed to the man, you too (Legal term - You too fallacy - Two wrongs make a right - Argumentum ad hominem that consists of defending oneself by accusing the accuser of the same crime)
  2. Ad verecundiam - To the venerability (Philosophical term used in logic to describe a Argumentum ad hominem fallacy, where an argument is accepted due to the respect (venerability) of the person asserting it, instead of the facts - Also known as argument to respect or argument to prestige)
  3. Argumentum ad cruneman - Argument to the purse (Legal and Philosophical term - A fallacy that says that something must be true, because the one who asserts it is rich - Compare with argumentum ad lazarum)
  4. Argumentum ad hominen - Argument against the man (Legal and Philosophical term - A fallacy that says that attacks the one who asserts it, instead of looking at the facts )
  5. Argumentum ad ignorantiam - Argument from ignorance (Philosophical term - Fallacy that indicates that something must be true, because there is no proof to the contrary. For example, that there are extraterrestrials, because there is no evidence that proves that they do not exist)
  6. Argumentum ad lazarum - Argument to poverty (Legal and Philosophical term - A fallacy that says that something must be true, because the one who makes it is poor - Compare with argumentum ad cruneman)
  7. Argumentum ad populum - Argument to the people (Diplomatic term - Also philosophical term that refers to the fallacy to base the decision based on popularity instead of the premises)
  8. Argumentum petitio Principii - Argument of asking for the beginning (Philosophical term - Fallacy in which one person uses the conclusion as one of the premises to prove his conclusion. It is also called "begging the question", "circular argument" and "vicious circle". In Plato's Phaedo, Socrates incurs such fallacy trying to prove that the soul is immortal)
  9. Cum hoc ergo propter hoc - With this, therefore because of this (Philosophical Term - A fallacy that confuses cause and effect)
  10. Fallacia non causae ut causae - Fallacy to accept something as fundamental when it is not
  11. Ignoratio Elenchi - Avoiding the question (Fallacy that consists in changing the subject, arguing a different point, than the one in question)
  12. Ipse dixit - He himself said it (Legal Term - Fallacy in which the only proof, are the words of who makes the assertion)
  13. Magister dixit - The teacher said it (Fallacy that considers something is true, just because the teacher said it. It is another form of Argumentum ad verecundiam )
  14. Post hoc, ergo propter hoc - After this, therefore as consequence of (Philosophical term used in logic - another version of Cum hoc ergo propter hoc, indicates a fallacy in reasoning, the preceding events could be irrelevant to the supposed effect)
  15. Reductio ad Hitlerum - Reduced to Hitler (Philosophical term used in logic to describe an Argumentum ad hominem fallacy where an argument is made by comparing the opponent to Hitler)
  16. Usteron proteron - The late earlier (Fallacy that assumes that something that has not been proven is true, figure of speech that reverses the natural order of words)

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