Latin quotes by Seneca

Seneca (1-65 AD), Spanish Philosopher, counselor to Nero

Lucius Annaeus Seneca

He was born in Cordoba, Spain. His works include Controversiae (Disputes), Suasoriae (Councils), Epistulae morales ad Lucilium, (124 letters to Liculius) and Dialogi (Dialogues) .

  1. Aequat omnes cinis - Ashes makes everybody equal (Seneca)
  2. Aliquando et insanire iucundum est - Sometimes it is enjoyable to be insane (Seneca De tranquillitate animi XVII 10)
  3. Amicitia semper prodest, amor aliquando etiam nocet - Friendship always takes advantage, love sometimes fails (Seneca)
  4. Animum debes mutare non caelum - You should change your attitude, not your sky (Seneca - Epistulae morales ad Lucilium, XXVIII - You don't make things better, just by moving to another place. You need to change your way of life.)
  5. Artes serviunt vitae, sapientia imperat - The arts provide a service to life, wisdom governs it (Philosophical Term - Seneca, Letters to Lucilius, 85, 32)
  6. Athenea fuerunt lumen orbis - Athens was the torch's world (Seneca)
  7. Aut regem, aut fatuum nasci oportet - One Ought to Be Born a King or a Fool (Seneca - Apocolocyntosis, I, 1)
  8. Bonis nocet qui malis parcet - Goodness injures what evil spares (Seneca - De Moribus, 114 - Goodness discourages what evil doesn't discourage)
  9. Copia ciborum, subtilitas impeditur - The abundance of food hampers intelligence (Seneca)
  10. Crudelius est quam mori semper timere mortem - It is more cruel to always fear death than to die (Seneca)
  11. Cui prodest scelus, is fecit - Who benefits by the crime, he is the guilty man (Seneca Medea - Legal Term - Usually asked in court as Cui prodest?)
  12. Culpa par odium exigit - The offense requires a proportional rejection (Legal term - Seneca)
  13. Debet semper plus esse virium in vectores quam in onere - The one that carries the burden, must always be stronger than the burden (Seneca)
  14. Divitae bonum non sunt - Material wealth is not the one good (Seneca)
  15. Dulce maerenti, populus dolentum - It is sweet for one in grief to know that other people suffer (Seneca - Troades)
  16. Errare humanum est, perseverare diabolicum - To err is human, to persist in it, is diabolical (Seneca)
  17. Facilius est paupertatem laudare quam ferre - It is easier to praise poverty than to endure it (Philosophical term - Seneca)
  18. Facilius per partes in cognitionem totius adducimur - It is easier to understand parts, than to understand the whole (Seneca Epistulae Morales LXXXIX)
  19. Fallaces sunt rerum species - The appearances of things are deceptive (Seneca, De Beneficiis IV, 34)
  20. Fata volentem ducunt, nolentem trahunt - Destiny carries the willing man; and drags the unwilling (Seneca - Epistulae morales, XVIII)
  21. Ferae pericula quae vident fugiunt - The beasts flee the dangers they see (Seneca)
  22. Gladiator in arena consilium capit - The gladiator is formulating his plan in the arena (Too late - Seneca)
  23. Homines, dum docent, discunt - Men learn while they teach (Seneca)
  24. Homo sit naturaliter animal socialis - Man is by nature a social animal (Seneca)
  25. Id bonum cura quod vetustate fit melius - Take care of the good since it improves with age (Seneca Epistulae ad Lucilium II, 15, 5)
  26. Ignoranti, quem portum petat, nullus suus ventus est - For those who don't know which port they are headed to, no wind is favorable (Seneca)
  27. Illi levia, hi falsa formidant, nos utraque - Those have minor things, these have false things, we have both. (Seneca - Epistulae morales ad Lucilium I, 4, 2)
  28. In oculis vitia aliena habemus, a tergo nostra sunt - We have before our eyes the vices of others, our own are behind our backs (Seneca)
  29. Labor bonum non est: Quid ergo est bonum ? - The work is not good, what good is then? (Seneca)
  30. Licentia poetica - Poetic license (Seneca)
  31. Mors faciet ne sim - The death makes non-existence (Seneca)
  32. Multo autem ad rem magis pertinet quallis tibi vide aris quam allis - It is much more important what you think of yourself, than what others think of you (Seneca)
  33. Nemo autem regere potest nisi qui et regi - Besides no one can govern without also being ruled (Seneca)
  34. Non est ad astra mollis e terris via - There is no easy way from the earth to the stars (Seneca)
  35. Non facit ebrietas vitia, sed protrahit - Drunkenness does create flaws, it just shows them (Seneca - recommending temperance in drinking)
  36. Non fortuna homines aestimabo, sed moribus - I do not estimate the men for their fortune, but for their habits (Seneca)
  37. Non scholae sed vitae discimus - Do not learn for school, but for life (Seneca)
  38. Nullum saeculum magnis ingeniis clausum est - No generation is closed to great talents ( (Seneca)
  39. Nullus agenti dies longus est - No day is long for the busy (Seneca)
  40. Otium sine litteris mors est et hominis vivi sepultura - Leisure without literature is death and burial of the man alive (Seneca)
  41. Pars magna bonitatis est velle fieri bonum - Much of goodness consists in wanting to be good (Seneca)
  42. Patent undique ad libertatem viea multae, breves, faciles. Agamus Deo gratias - On all places short routes open the route to freedom. Thanks to God (Seneca)
  43. Post mortem nihil, ipsaque mors nihil - After the death nothing, death itself is nothing (Seneca)
  44. Quam bene vivas refert, non quam diu - It's about how well you live, not how long (Seneca)
  45. Qui dedit benificium taceat; narret qui accepit - The one that makes an act of kindness in the street should be silent, the one that receives it should tell about it (Seneca)
  46. Qui unum habet vitium, omnia habet - He who has one vice, has them all (Seneca, De Benefiticiis)
  47. Quidquid facies, respice ad mortem - Whatever you do, contemplate death. (Seneca - Epistulae morales ad Lucilium XIX, 114, 27)
  48. Ratio autem nihil aliud est quam in corpus humanum pars divini spiritus mersa - Reason is nothing other than a part of the divine spirit merged into the body of human beings (Seneca - The Epistles)
  49. Si vis, amaris ama - If you wish to be loved, love (This is often attributed to the Roman philosopher Seneca, found in the sixth of his letters to Lucilius. - Thank you: Han)
  50. Si vis vacare animo, aut pauper sis oportet, aut pauperi similis - If you want to grow your spirit, it is convenient to be poor, or at least look like you are (Seneca)
  51. Talis hominibus fuit oratio qualis vita - Such was the men's style, as their life (Seneca Epistles, 114,1)
  52. Testimonium veritati, non amicitiae reddas - Truthful testimony, not given because of friendship (Seneca)
  53. Tota vita nihil aliud quam ad mortem iter est - All life is nothing but a path to death (Seneca)
  54. Tranquillo enim ut aiunt quilibet gubernator est - So they say, any ruler is useful in peacetime (Seneca - Epistulae morales ad Lucilium 85,34 )
  55. Unusquisque mavult credere quam iudicare - Everyone prefers to believe than to discuss (to think - Seneca)
  56. Veritatis simplex oratio est - The language of truth is simple (Seneca)
  57. Viri infelicis procul amici - Friends stay away from an unhappy man (Seneca)

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