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  1. Actio pro socio - An action of partnership (Legal term - An action brought by one partner against his associates to compel them to carry out the terms of the partnership agreement)
  2. Actio Redhibitoria - Action to rescind a sale (Legal term)
  3. Actio semel extincta non reviviscit - Extinguished action does not revive (Legal term)
  4. Actiones non natae non praescribunt - Actions that have not been born, are not prescribed (Legal term)
  5. Activa tantum - Active construction (Grammartical term - Verbs that only have an active voice)
  6. Actor incumbit probatio, reus excipiendo fit actor - The plaintiff must provide proof of the facts alleged, the defendant the exceptions presented (Legal term)
  7. Actore non probante, reus absolvitur - When the plaintiff does not prove his case, the defendant is absolved (Legal term)
  8. Actori incumbis onus probandi - The plaintiff must prove the case (Legal term)
  9. Actus me invito pactus, non es meus actus - What I did against my will is not my fault (Legal term)
  10. Actus mortis - Moment of death (Also refers to "fake death" and hypnosis)
  11. Actus non facit reum nisi mens sit rea - The act does not make a person guilty unless the mind is also guilty (Legal term)
  12. Acu traiectatur duo lina ducente - Thread the needle with two threads
  13. Acuti morbi in quattuordecim diebus iudicantur - Acute illnesses are resolved in fourteen days (Medical Maxim - Hippocrates)
  14. Ad acta - To the archives (Legal term - abbreviated as AA)
  15. Ad acta atra peracta sunt facta atta patrata - For dark acts are prepared dark jails (Legal term in reference to serious crimes)
  16. Ad altare Dei - To the altar of God (Ecclesiastical term)
  17. Ad Altiora, et meliora, semper - Always the highest and the best
  18. Ad altiora tendimus - We hung high (Motto of Superior National Institute faculty in Modern Languages "Juan Ramon Fernandez" in Argentina)
  19. Ad Amphitruo - The Host (Title of a book by Plautus)
  20. Ad aperturam libri - To the open book
  21. Ad aras - To the altars, to the end.
  22. Ad Astra per alas Gryps - To the stars on Gryphon's wings ( Thank you: CAPT(sg) D. )
  23. Ad astra per aspera - To the stars, the hard way (Apollo Motto - missions to the moon)
  24. Ad audiendas confessiones - Confessions in front of the audience (Ecclesiastical term - Test given to a seminarian or transitional deacon who is completing his theological studies)
  25. Ad augusta per angusta - To high places by narrow roads

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