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  1. Trahimur omnes studio gloriae - All we are drawn by the desire of glory
  2. Trahit sua quemque voluptas - Everyone has their inclinations
  3. Tranquillo enim ut aiunt quilibet gubernator est - So they say, any ruler is useful in peacetime (Seneca - Epistulae morales ad Lucilium 85,34 )
  4. Traxit candore ruborem - Brings red candor
  5. Tres faciunt collegium - Three is company
  6. Tribunicia auctoritas morum - Tribunal moral authority (Legal term)
  7. Tribunicia potestas - Tribunal power (Legal term)
  8. Tribunus me primum sententiam rogavit - The tribune asked my opinion first (Cicero)
  9. Tribunus militum - Military court (Abbreviated as Tr. mil.)
  10. Tribunus Plebis - Tribune of the masses (In ancient Rome this was a court made of plebs, common people - Abbreviated as Tr. pl.)
  11. Tribus continuis diebus festivis in ecclesia inter missarum solemnia - In three consecutive festive days, while mass is celebrated (Ecclesiastical Term - Spanish Church, Book of Marriages)
  12. Triunviri aere auro argento flando feriundo - Three manly men for striking and casting bronze, silver and gold (Same as Triunviri monetales)
  13. Triunviri capitales - Three manly captains (In ancient Rome, three men acting as judges in criminal cases which affected citizens and could result in a death sentence)
  14. Triunviri monetales - Three manly men of coins (In ancient Rome, three people in charge of supervising the coin making process)
  15. Tu in ea et ego pro ea - You in her, I am for her (Motto of the House of Alba in Sevilla, Spain)
  16. Tu infunde amorem cordibus - Your love inflames the heart
  17. Tu mihi sola places - Only you make me happy (Love phrase)
  18. Tu quoque, fili mii! - You too, my son (Last words of Caesar, when he Brutus among those who were stabbing him)
  19. Tu regere imperio fluctus, hispane memento - Spain, remember that you governed the empire of the seas (Tombstone at the Arsenal of Carrack, Cadiz, Spain)
  20. Tu tuum rem - You, to your issue
  21. Tua res agitur - This is in your interest
  22. Tune Mariun audebis occidere? - Do you dare to kill Gaius Marius? (Appian - Civil War - Gaius Marius said this to the soldier to kill him. That soldier did not dare after he heard this)
  23. Turris eburnea - Ivory Tower (Litany of the Virgin)
  24. Tutela est vis ac potestas in capite libero ad tuendum eum qui propter aetatem suam sponte se defendere nequit - Guardianship is power and authority to protect someone who because of his age, cannot protect himself (Legal term - definition of Tutela)
  25. Tuum Adoremus Nomen - Let us Adore Thy Name (Ecclesiastical term)
  26. Ubertas et fidelitas - Fertility and faithfulness (Motto of Tasmania, Australia)
  27. Ubi alium, ibi Roma - Where (smells like) garlic, there is Rome (Romans used lots of garlic)
  28. Ubi amor, ibi oculus - Where there is love, there is sight (St. Thomas Aquinas - Commentary on the Sentences 3 d. 35, I, 21. - True love is not blind)
  29. Ubi bene, ibi patria - Where you are well, that is your country
  30. Ubi caritas et amor Ibi deus est - Where there is charity and love, there is God (Gregorian chant and Motto of pilgrims)
  31. Ubi caritas gaudet ibi est festivitas - Where there is charity, there is a feast of joy (Ecclesiastical term - St. John Chrysostom)
  32. Ubi charitas et amor, Deus ibi est - Where charity and love, there is God (Antiphon ad Mandatum, Holy Thursday)
  33. Ubi dixisti statis ibi peristi - You perished when you said enough
  34. Ubi dubium ibi libertas - Where there is doubt, there is freedom
  35. Ubi eadem ratio, idem ius - For the same reason, the same law (Legal term)
  36. Ubi est thesaurus tuus,ibi est cor tuum - Where your treasure is, there is your heart
  37. Ubi fumus, ibi ignis - Where there's smoke, there was fire
  38. Ubi homo, ibi societas; ubi societas, ibi Ius; ergo, ubi homo, ibi Ius - Where there was man, there was society, where there was society there was law (Legal term - indicates that rule of law is an integral part of mankind)
  39. Ubi labor, ibi virtus - Where there is work, there is virtue (Work redeems the soul and brings you closer to God)
  40. Ubi lex non distinguit, nec nos distinguere debemus - Where the law does not distinguish, we should not distinguish (Legal term - Laws must be applied as written)
  41. Ubi lex voluit, dixit; ubi non voluit, tacuit - When the law wanted it, it talked, when the did not want it, it remained silent (Legal term)
  42. Ubi libertas, ibi patria - Where there is freedom, there is my homeland
  43. Ubi maior minor cessat - Where there is a greater (authority), the lower stops (Legal term - A higher court overwrites a lower one)
  44. Ubi mel, ibi apea - Where there is honey, there are bees
  45. Ubi mors ibi spes - Where there is death, there is hope (Motto in a Falange Flag during the Spanish Civil War)
  46. Ubi prava Stultitia, hic summa insania est - Where dwells intentional and depraved stupidity, there is maximum madness
  47. Ubi pus, ibi evacua - Where there is pus, it must be drained (Medical term)
  48. Ubi servitutem faciunt, pacem appellant - Where they encourage servitude, they call that peace
  49. Ubi societas ibi ius - Where there is society, there is law
  50. Ubi solitudinem faciunt, pacem apellant - They create desolation and call it peace (Tacitus - Pax Romana i.e. the destruction of Carthage by Rome)
  51. Ubi sunt? - Where are they? (Famous people, not in obscurity or dead)
  52. Ubi sunt quoque tuum sensibus - Where are also your feelings?
  53. Ubi tu Gaius, ego Gaia - Where you are Gaius, I shall be Gaia (Phrase spoken by the bride in Roman wedding ceremonies. The groom responds with Ubi tu Gaia, ego Gaius)
  54. Ubi verba non sunt ambigua, non est locus interpretationibus - Where words are unambiguous, there is no room for interpretations (Legal term - from the book "The ABC of Law" by David Efrain Misari Torpoco)
  55. Ul litigatores pro patrociniis certam iustamque mercedem dare - The litigants pay the sponsors a certain just price (Suetonius, a Roman historian (70-160) wrote about Nero - In those days, it was forbidden pay the lawyers, who were supposed to advise on the name of friendship. Emperor Nero enforced a compulsory pay )
  56. Ultima hominis felicitas est in contemplatione veritatis - The greatest happiness of man is found in the contemplation of truth (St. Thomas Aquinas)
  57. Ultima ratio - Last Reason (Last argument)
  58. Ultima ratio regum - The last reason of the king (Inscribed in the cannons of French King Louis XIV)
  59. Ultimum Romanus meretur bene - The last Roman deserves good
  60. Ultra petita - Beyond what was asked (Beyond duty)
  61. Ultra posse nemo obligatur - Nobody is forced to do the impossible (Legal Term - Ulpian - The obligations do not extend beyond the capabilities)
  62. Ultra vires - Beyond their power (Legal term - Refers to acts of governing bodies that exceed their mandate)
  63. Ultra vires hereditatis - Obligation beyond hereditary (Legal term - the inheritor has direct and unlimited liability for the liabilities of the deceased)
  64. Ultreia et Suseia, Deus adiuva nos!! - We'll go further and higher! God help us! (Greeting between pilgrims of the Camino de Santigo in Spain. Normally one greets with a "Ultreia" to which the other replies "Et Suseia")
  65. Una atque eadem - One and the same
  66. Una salus victis, nullam sperare salutem - The only hope for the vanquished is not to hope any salvation (virgil - Aeneid - They should only expect that they will not be saved)
  67. Una vanus vivendis varia fin - A vain life changes at the end
  68. Unanimi sumus - A single soul we are (Love phrase)
  69. Undatim Intextu Nodat - Weave networks using waves (Motto of the Polytechnic University of Catalonia)
  70. Unde per caritatem homo in Deo ponitur et cum eo unum efficitur - Wherefore by charity man abides in God and becomes one with him (Thomas Aquinas - Summa Theologica)
  71. Undosus Vir - Man of the Surging Waves (Motto of Pope Leo XI (1605), according to St. Malachy prophecies - There is no association with his coat of arms, name or birth place. Some people say it is because his papacy was very short)
  72. Unguentum fateor, bonum dedisti convivis here, sed nihil scidisti - Good perfume you gave yesterday to your guest, but you did not serve anything (Martial 3,12)
  73. Unguentum fuerat quod onyx modo parva gerebat: olfecit postquan papilus, ecce, garum est - The he carried a small onyx bottle with a fragrant ointment: after Papilo sniffed it, he said "Behold, that is 'garum' " (Martial 7,94 - Garum is a fish sauce that smells very bad)
  74. Unguibus et rostro - With teeth and nails
  75. Unguis et rostrum - With nails and peak (To defend something using all the weapons available)
  76. Unis Equious - One horse
  77. Universi pacem precibus exposcunt - They all asked for peace with their prayers (Livy 1,16)
  78. Universitas Lucentina. Iter facite eius quae ascendit super occasum - University Lucentina. Paves the way to those who ascend from the west (Motto on the coat of the University of Alicante - was taken from the Vulgate, book of Psalms, fifth verse of Psalm 67)
  79. Universitas Lux et Sapientia Est - University is light and wisdow (Thank you: Estrella Medina)
  80. Universitas non moritur - The corporation does not die (Legal term - it says alive even after its founders die)
  81. Universitas valentina Anima Mens et Vigor - Valentina's University Sould, mind and Strength (Motto of Josť Antonio PŠez University in San Diego, Carabobo, Venezuela)
  82. Universus hic mundus una civitas exsistimanda - The world at large has to be considered as one urban community (Philosophical Term - Cicero)
  83. Uno ictu - (Legal Term - Rights that are automatically transmitted)
  84. Unum et idem - One and the same
  85. Unum necessarium - The one thing necessary
  86. Unus Mundus - One world
  87. Unus pro omnibus, omnes pro uno - One for all, all for one
  88. Unus testis, nullus testis - One witness is no witness (Legal Term - The law requires more than one witness to judge - Thank you: Dietrich Hartmann )
  89. Unusquisque in suo sensu abundet - Each on their own, in their own way
  90. Unusquisque mavult credere quam iudicare - Everyone prefers to believe than to discuss (to think - Seneca)
  91. Urbi et Orbi - For the city and for the world (To everyone, the city refers to Rome)
  92. Urbs a Romulo vocata est Roma - The city was called Rome, because of Romulus)
  93. Ursus velox - The speedy bear (Motto of Pope Clement XIV (1769-1774), according to the prophecies of St. Malachy - His family coat of arms had bear. Note that this motto is also quoted as visus velox, "Swift glance", and a different explanation is given for that)
  94. Usque ad nauseam - All the way to nausea
  95. Usque in aeternum - Until eternity
  96. Usteron proteron - The late earlier (Fallacy that assumes that something that has not been proven is true, figure of speech that reverses the natural order of words)
  97. Usucapion - Usucaption (Legal Term - Acquisition of property through long, undisturbed possession)
  98. Usus est magister optimus - Experience is the best teacher
  99. Usus fructus - Use of the fruit (Legal term - The benefit derived from something)
  100. Usus loquendi - Usage in speaking (The meaning of words that through use. Words may have a different meaning depending on the context where they are used)

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