Philosophical Latin Phrases
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  1. Eadem mutata resurgo - Eadem resurgo mutata - Although changed, I will resurge (Philosophical term - Epitaph of Jakob Bernoulli)
  2. Ecce garum est - Behold garum (Philosophical term -. Phrase coined by the poet Martial (VII, 94), referring to the foul breath that people who ate garum had. Garum was a fish sauce served at the tables of high society Imperial Rome. Made with remains of fish, it was salted and left to ferment in large vats exposed to sunlight. Just like some perfumes, it came to demand high prices, as much as 500 silver coins for one liter of this sauce)
  3. Ego non ullo uera timore tegam - I will not hide the truth, because of fear (Philosophical term - Catullus)
  4. Eo ipso - By that fact itself (Philosophical term - By that fact alone)
  5. Ergo - Therefore (Philosophical term used in logic)
  6. Ergo conclusus contra manichaeus - And this ends the Manichaean! (Philosophical Term - Thomas Aquinas said this at a banquet hosted by St. Louis IX of France, after expressing a conclusive argument against Manichaeism, which then spread through Europe)
  7. Erudio Procul Imperium - I educate the empire from afar. (Philosophical term)
  8. Esse est percipi - To be is to be perceived (Philosophical term - Principle developed by the Irish philosopher George Berkeley (1685-1753)
  9. Ex nihilo nihil fit - Nothing comes from nothing (Philosophical term - Saint Thomas Aquinas)
  10. Ex pede Herculem - From Hercules' feet (Philosophical term - very little data is needed to understand who is making a statement)
  11. Ex umbra in solem - From the shade into the sun (Philosophical term - To go from ignorance to knowledge - Motto of the University Santa Maria, Chile)
  12. Facilius est paupertatem laudare quam ferre - It is easier to praise poverty than to endure it (Philosophical term - Seneca)
  13. Facito aliquid operis, ut te semper diabolus inveniat occupatum - Always do something, so the devil will find you busy (Philosophical term - Similar to "Idle hands are the devils playground")
  14. Fallacia non causae ut causae - Fallacy to accept something as fundamental when it is not (Legal and philosophical term)
  15. Fortis est non pertubaris in rebus asperis - The strong do not falter in adversity (Philosophical term - Cicero)
  16. Fronte capillata, post est occasio calva - Behind the front full of hair, the occasion is bald (Caton distichs 26, B, Phaedrus, Fables, 5, 8 - Philosophical term)
  17. Gigni de nihilo nihil, in nihilum nil posse reverti - Nothing is generated from nothing, nothing returns to nothing (Philosophical term - Persius Satires I, 111, 83)
  18. Ignoratio Elenchi - Avoiding the question (Legal and philosophical term - Fallacy that consists in changing the subject, arguing a different point, than the one in question)
  19. In esse - In being (Philosophical term - Saint Thomas Aquinas - In existence - Before we are born we are in In posse. After we are born, we are In esse)
  20. In posse - In potential (Philosophical term - Saint Thomas Aquinas - In possible existence before we are born - Before we are born we are in In posse. After we are born, we are In esse)
  21. In te ipso fons est laetitiae - In yourself is the source of joy (Philosophical term - is used to show that happiness is not something external but in the interior to each person)
  22. Ipse dixit - He himself said it (Legal and philosophical term - Fallacy in which the only proof, are the words of who makes the assertion)
  23. Ipsum esse subsistens - Subsistent Being itself (Saint Thomas Aquinas - Philosophical term - Essential definition of God given by the scholastics)
  24. Iustitiae debetur quod homo homini sit deus non lupus - Justice occurs because that man is a god to man and not a wolf (Philosophical term - Francis Bacon)
  25. Labor omnia improba vincit - Hard work conquers everything (Philosophical term - Virgil - Georgics)
  26. Latrant et scitis estatint praetesquitantes estis - They bark, so you know that you are in front of them (Philosophical term - A successful person does not look back, and only seeks his goal. However, enemies will follow him and say bad things, acting like barking dogs)
  27. Lenticulae similis est, agat aut desistat - It's like lentils, take it or leave it (Philosophical Term)
  28. Magister dixit - The teacher said it (Philosophical term - Fallacy that considers something is true, just because the teacher said it. It is another form of Argumentum ad verecundiam )
  29. Maior sum quam qui mancipium sim corporis mei - I'm too big to be a slave of my body (Philosophical term put forward as the antithesis of the old Socratic thesis that said: The body is the prison of the soul.) )
  30. Malum sed mulliere, sed necessarium malum - Women are evil, a necessary evil (Philosophical Term)
  31. Memento vivere - Remember that you are alive (Philosophical term)
  32. Modus ponendo ponens / Modus ponens - Mode that affirms by affirming (Philosophical term - Way of logical deduction: the union of two premises such as "If it rains, we will go to the beach" and "It rains". By combining these two by Modus Ponens, it can be concluded that: "We will go to the beach")
  33. Modus ponendo tollens - Mode which affirms by denying (Philosophical term)
  34. Modus tollendo ponens - Mode which denies by affirming (Philosophical term)
  35. Modus tollendo tollens - Mode which denies by denying (Philosophical term)
  36. Munus palpandus oios videndus - Touching with hands and seeing with eyes (Philosophical term - Expression of St. Thomas - when Christ was resurrected he was not present. When Jesus later appeared, St. Thomas said he did not believe he resurrected unless he puts his fingers in Jesus' wound)
  37. Natura duce, errare nullo pacto potest - When nature guides us, there is no way to make a mistake (Philosophical term - The goodness of nature)
  38. Navita de ventis, de tauris narrat arator, enumerat miles vulnera, pastor ovis - The sailor speaks of winds, the plowman of bulls, the soldier counts his wounds, the shepherd his sheep. (Philosophical Term - Propertius, 2.1.43-44)
  39. Nequaquam vacui - No way, emptiness (Philosophical term -. Similar to "Horror vacui", horror of emptiness, this reference is mainly used in architecture, although some argue that it is a Masonic or Rosicrucian principle, where nature tends to fill empty spaces)
  40. Nihil est in intellectu quod prius non fuerit in sensu - There is nothing in the intellect without first passing through the senses (Philosophical term - you cannot grasp a concept without the assistance of the experience)
  41. Nihil est sine ratione - Nothing without reason (Philosophical term - Leibniz - There is a reason for everything, all can be explained)
  42. Nihil tam absurdum, quod non dictum sit ab aliquo philosophorum (There is nothing so absurd as not to have been said by some philosopher (Philosophical term - Cícero)
  43. Non sequitur - Not following (Philosophical term used in logic - Arguments do not lead to the conclusion)
  44. Non sunt multiplicanda entia sine necessitate - We must not multiply things without a need (Philosophical term - William of Ockham, 1280-1349 - The simplest solution is probably the correct one - One of the principles in Ockham's Razor)
  45. O mihi praeteritos referat si Iuppiter annos - If only Jupiter could restore those lost years (Philosophical term - Virgil, poet)
  46. O miserum te si intelligis, miserum si no intelligis! - ¡Oh miserable you, if you understand and also if you don't understand! (Philosophical term - Paradoxical proverb commonly expressed by the metaphysical thinkers of Rome, which spent much on trying to resolve problems and also to explain them, once they understood them)
  47. Omne quod movetur ab alio movetur - Everything that moves is moved by something else (Philosophical term - Principle of the theory of motion and causation, of St. Thomas Aquinas)
  48. Omnes volumus plus. Et plus, et plus et plurimus - We all want more. And more, and more and much more (Philosophical term - Human insatiability: "The more you have, the more you want”)
  49. Omnia cella o cella - Every living organism comes from another (Philosophical term - there is no spontaneous life)
  50. Omnia secundum litem fiunt - All things are raised by way of strife or battle (Heraclitus - Philosophical term - Prologue of Celestina)
  51. Omnis animi voluptas, omnisque alacritas in eo sita est, quod quis babeat, quibuscum conferens se, possit magnifice sentire de se ipso - All happiness of mind and all contentment liens in the fact that there is someone with whom, in comparing ourselves, we can have a higher feeling (Philosophical term - Hobbes - de cive)
  52. Omnis determinatio negatio est - Every determination is a negation (Philosophical term - when you say that something is something, you are implying that it is not something else)
  53. Os iusti meditabitur sapientiam et lingua eius loquetur iudicium - The mouth of the just shall meditate wisdom and his tongue tell his judgment (Philosophical term)
  54. Per accidens - By accident (Philosophical term used in logic - By external force - Compare with per se)
  55. Per se - In and of itself (Philosophical term used in logic - Essential, True without having to refer to something else - Compare with per accidens)
  56. Petitio Principii - Petition to the beginning (Philosophical term - Fallacy of assuming that the conclusion has the same meaning as the argument)
  57. Platon, Ciceron et sumus Aristoteles quequiderunt in profundo laquo - Plato, Cicero and the great Aristotle Sumo into a deep lake (Philosophical term - Popular song that explains Plato, Cicero and Aristotle fell into oblivion)
  58. Pondus meum amor meus; eo feror, quocumque feror - My weight is my love; by that i am drawn wherever i am carried (Philosophical term - Augustine)
  59. Posside sapientiam, quia auro melior est - Possessing wisdom is better than owning gold (Philosophical term)
  60. Post hoc, ergo propter hoc - After this, therefore as consequence of (Philosophical term used in logic - another version of Cum hoc ergo propter hoc, indicates a fallacy in reasoning, the preceding events could be irrelevant to the supposed effect)
  61. Post hoc ergo propter hoc - After this, therefore because of this (Legal and philosophical term - Fallacy that assumes that if it happened before, it must have caused it)
  62. Primum movens - First mover (Philosophical term - Aristotle - Primary cause of all motion in the universe)
  63. Primum vivere, deinde philosophari! - Live first and philosophize later (Philosophical term)
  64. Promissio parit debitum - What's promised is owed (Philosophical term - don't let your mouth write a check that your butt can't cash)
  65. Pusillior sed et fortis - We are few, but strong (Philosophical term - Also motto of an old submersible Spanish Armada)
  66. Quaestio in utramque partem - Both sides of the issue (Legal and Philosophical term)
  67. Qui intellectum habeat, ut intellegant - He who has understanding, let him understand (Philosophical term - David Mis'ari Torpoco - "Philosophical proverbs")
  68. Quid faciant leges, ubi sola pecunia regnat? - What can laws do, where only money reigns? (Philosophical term)
  69. Ratio cognoscendi - Reason of Knowing (Legal Term and also philosophical term, ethics)
  70. Ratio essendi - Reason of being (Legal and philosophical term, ethics)
  71. Reductio ad absurdum - Reduced to absurdity (Philosophical term - Zeno of Elea and Archimedes - Logical method that proves a hypothesis is wrong by showing that its consequences are absurd, impossible or illogical - It is also used to show that a thesis is correct, because all other alternatives lead to absurd or illogical conclusions)
  72. Reductio ad Hitlerum - Reduced to Hitler (Philosophical term used in logic to describe an Argumentum ad hominem fallacy where an argument is made by comparing the opponent to Hitler)
  73. Regnus Agnus Mundi - The kingdom of lambs in the world (Philosophical term)
  74. Scentio ergo sum - I feel, therefore I am (Philosophical term - Variant of cogito, ergo sum)
  75. Scio me nihil scire or Scio me nescire - I know that I know nothing, or I know nothing (Philosophical Term - Latin translation of the famous Socrates quote)
  76. Secundum quid et simpliciter - It is secondary and it simplifies (Legal and philosophical term - Fallacy that takes a small part to represent the whole).
  77. Semper Aequitas - Equality always (Philosophical term)
  78. Serva me, servabo te - Save me, save you (Philosophical term, also love phrase - Petronius)
  79. Si sapientia Deus est, verus philosophus est amator Dei - If wisdom is God, then the true philosopher is a lover of God (Philosophical Term - St. Augustine)
  80. Sine doctrina vita est quasi mortis imago - Without a doctrine, life is like the image of death (Philosophical term)
  81. Statu hominis - The state of humans (Philosophical term)
  82. Tamdiu discendum est, quamdiu vivas - We have to learn for as long as we live (Philosophical term)
  83. Tamquam tabula rasa in qua nihil est de pictu - As clean writing board, where nobody has drawn anything (Philosophical term - John Locke, XVII century - expresses that consciousness lacks any kind of content without the aid of experience, which is the source of all knowledge)
  84. Tertium non datur - No third possibility (Philosophical term used in logic. It states that the proposition is either true or false. There is no third option)
  85. Universus hic mundus una civitas exsistimanda - The world at large has to be considered as one urban community (Philosophical Term - Cicero)
  86. Usteron proteron - The late earlier (Legal and philosophical term - Fallacy that assumes that something that has not been proven is true, figure of speech that reverses the natural order of words)
  87. Vae sophistis qui cavillis et tropis tergiversantur - Woe to the Sophists who when they speak, they misrepresent things with their jokes and tropes! (Philosophical Term - Michael Servetus (1511-1553) in his book "Christianismi Restitutio" page 91)
  88. Veritas est adequatio rei et intellectus - Truth is the adequacy of the mind with reality (Philosophical Term - how the realist philosophy defines the notion of the term truth)
  89. Vidi ego qui durum possit frenare leonem; Vidi qui solus corda domaret: Amor - I saw that is hard to stop a lion; I saw that only one thing can subdue the heart: Love (Philosophical term)
  90. Visita interiora terrae, rectificando invenies occultam lapidem veram medicine. - Visit the interior of the earth, and adjusting find the hidden stone which is the real medicine (Referring to the philosophical stone - This phrase is often abbreviated as VITRIOLUM)
  91. Vivit et est vitae nescius ipse suae - Man lives in ignorance of his own life. (Philosophical Term - Ovid - Man is not aware of the existence and function of his own life)

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