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  1. Omnis animi voluptas, omnisque alacritas in eo sita est, quod quis babeat, quibuscum conferens se, possit magnifice sentire de se ipso - All happiness of mind and all contentment liens in the fact that there is someone with whom, in comparing ourselves, we can have a higher feeling (Philosophical term - Hobbes - de cive)
  2. Omnis determinatio negatio est - Every determination is a negation (Philosophical term - when you say that something is something, you are implying that it is not something else)
  3. Os iusti meditabitur sapientiam et lingua eius loquetur iudicium - The mouth of the just shall meditate wisdom and his tongue tell his judgment (Philosophical term)
  4. Per accidens - By accident (Philosophical term used in logic - By external force - Compare with per se)
  5. Per se - In and of itself (Philosophical term used in logic - Essential, True without having to refer to something else - Compare with per accidens)
  6. Petitio Principii - Petition to the beginning (Philosophical term - Fallacy of assuming that the conclusion has the same meaning as the argument)
  7. Platon, Ciceron et sumus Aristoteles quequiderunt in profundo laquo - Plato, Cicero and the great Aristotle Sumo into a deep lake (Philosophical term - Popular song that explains Plato, Cicero and Aristotle fell into oblivion)
  8. Pondus meum amor meus; eo feror, quocumque feror - My weight is my love; by that i am drawn wherever i am carried (Philosophical term - Augustine)
  9. Posside sapientiam, quia auro melior est - Possessing wisdom is better than owning gold (Philosophical term)
  10. Post hoc, ergo propter hoc - After this, therefore as consequence of (Philosophical term used in logic - another version of Cum hoc ergo propter hoc, indicates a fallacy in reasoning, the preceding events could be irrelevant to the supposed effect)
  11. Post hoc ergo propter hoc - After this, therefore because of this (Legal and philosophical term - Fallacy that assumes that if it happened before, it must have caused it)
  12. Primum movens - First mover (Philosophical term - Aristotle - Primary cause of all motion in the universe)
  13. Primum vivere, deinde philosophari! - Live first and philosophize later (Philosophical term)
  14. Promissio parit debitum - What's promised is owed (Philosophical term - don't let your mouth write a check that your butt can't cash)
  15. Pusillior sed et fortis - We are few, but strong (Philosophical term - Also motto of an old submersible Spanish Armada)
  16. Quaestio in utramque partem - Both sides of the issue (Legal and Philosophical term)
  17. Qui intellectum habeat, ut intellegant - He who has understanding, let him understand (Philosophical term - David Mis'ari Torpoco - "Philosophical proverbs")
  18. Quid faciant leges, ubi sola pecunia regnat? - What can laws do, where only money reigns? (Philosophical term)
  19. Ratio cognoscendi - Reason of Knowing (Legal Term and also philosophical term, ethics)
  20. Ratio essendi - Reason of being (Legal and philosophical term, ethics)
  21. Reductio ad absurdum - Reduced to absurdity (Philosophical term - Zeno of Elea and Archimedes - Logical method that proves a hypothesis is wrong by showing that its consequences are absurd, impossible or illogical - It is also used to show that a thesis is correct, because all other alternatives lead to absurd or illogical conclusions)
  22. Reductio ad Hitlerum - Reduced to Hitler (Philosophical term used in logic to describe an Argumentum ad hominem fallacy where an argument is made by comparing the opponent to Hitler)
  23. Regnus Agnus Mundi - The kingdom of lambs in the world (Philosophical term)
  24. Scentio ergo sum - I feel, therefore I am (Philosophical term - Variant of cogito, ergo sum)
  25. Scio me nihil scire or Scio me nescire - I know that I know nothing, or I know nothing (Philosophical Term - Latin translation of the famous Socrates quote)
  26. Secundum quid et simpliciter - It is secondary and it simplifies (Legal and philosophical term - Fallacy that takes a small part to represent the whole).
  27. Semper Aequitas - Equality always (Philosophical term)
  28. Serva me, servabo te - Save me, save you (Philosophical term, also love phrase - Petronius)
  29. Si sapientia Deus est, verus philosophus est amator Dei - If wisdom is God, then the true philosopher is a lover of God (Philosophical Term - St. Augustine)
  30. Sine doctrina vita est quasi mortis imago - Without a doctrine, life is like the image of death (Philosophical term)
  31. Statu hominis - The state of humans (Philosophical term)
  32. Tamdiu discendum est, quamdiu vivas - We have to learn for as long as we live (Philosophical term)
  33. Tamquam tabula rasa in qua nihil est de pictu - As clean writing board, where nobody has drawn anything (Philosophical term - John Locke, XVII century - expresses that consciousness lacks any kind of content without the aid of experience, which is the source of all knowledge)
  34. Tertium non datur - No third possibility (Philosophical term used in logic. It states that the proposition is either true or false. There is no third option)
  35. Universus hic mundus una civitas exsistimanda - The world at large has to be considered as one urban community (Philosophical Term - Cicero)
  36. Usteron proteron - The late earlier (Legal and philosophical term - Fallacy that assumes that something that has not been proven is true, figure of speech that reverses the natural order of words)
  37. Vae sophistis qui cavillis et tropis tergiversantur - Woe to the Sophists who when they speak, they misrepresent things with their jokes and tropes! (Philosophical Term - Michael Servetus (1511-1553) in his book "Christianismi Restitutio" page 91)
  38. Veritas est adequatio rei et intellectus - Truth is the adequacy of the mind with reality (Philosophical Term - how the realist philosophy defines the notion of the term truth)
  39. Vidi ego qui durum possit frenare leonem; Vidi qui solus corda domaret: Amor - I saw that is hard to stop a lion; I saw that only one thing can subdue the heart: Love (Philosophical term)
  40. Visita interiora terrae, rectificando invenies occultam lapidem veram medicine. - Visit the interior of the earth, and adjusting find the hidden stone which is the real medicine (Referring to the philosophical stone - This phrase is often abbreviated as VITRIOLUM)
  41. Vivit et est vitae nescius ipse suae - Man lives in ignorance of his own life. (Philosophical Term - Ovid - Man is not aware of the existence and function of his own life)

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