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  1. Kyrie, ignis divine, eleison - Lord, divine fire, have mercy (Ecclesiastical term take from the Greek)
  2. Laborem exercens - Human labor (Encyclical of Pope John Paul II)
  3. Latae sententiae - Sentence that follows (Ecclesiastical term)
  4. Laudate dominum omnes gentes - Praise the Lord (Ecclesiastical term )
  5. Lauder et laudis - Praise and thanksgiving (Ecclesiastical term - Old Christian chant)
  6. Legimus in Scripturis - We read in the Scriptures (Ecclesiastical term)
  7. Mater et magistra - Mother and teacher (Vulgate - Encyclical of John XXIII)
  8. Mea culpa - My fault (Ecclesiastical term - Is always in a context of recognizing something wrong, apologizing, etc. For example "I confess I am a sinner")
  9. Memento homo, quia pulvis eris et in pulverem reverteris - Remember man, that you are dust and to dust you return (Ecclesiastical term - Used in the ceremony of the imposition of Ash Wednesday - Vulgate, Genesis 3.19)
  10. Memento mei - Remember Me (Ecclesiastical term - Words that a priest says to another when he goes to celebrate mass)
  11. Misa de requiem - Masses of dead (Ecclesiastical term)
  12. Misae solemnes - Solemn masses (Ecclesiastical term )
  13. Mixti fori - Mixed court (Ecclesiastical and secular)
  14. Mulier, decepta his verbis, decerpsit fructum et comedit - The woman was deceived by these words, plucked and ate fruit (Ecclesiastical term - Compendium of Sacred History - Charles Francois Lhomond)
  15. Munificentissimus Deus - The most bountiful God (Ecclesiastical term - Apostolic Constitution of Pope Pius XII) )
  16. Mysterium fidei - The mystery of faith (Encyclical written by Pablo VI)
  17. Nihil innovetur - Let nothing new be introduced (Ecclesiastical term - Principle governing the period of "vacant headquarters," or Sede Vacante Nihil Innovetur after the death of a Pope)
  18. Non Draco Sit Mihi Dux - Do not let the dragon (devil) be my guide (Ecclesiastical term - Initials on the back of the Cross of San Benito Abad - Abbreviated as NDSMD)
  19. Non habbiate paura! Aperite portas Christi! - Don't be afraid! Open the doors to Christ! (Ecclesiastical term - Pronounced by Karol Wojtyla (Saint John Paul II) when he was elected Pope)
  20. Novus Ordo Missae - New Protestant church (Ecclesiastical term)
  21. Numquam Suade Mihi Vana - You will never will persuade me with vain things (Ecclesiastical term - Inscribed on the back of the Cross of San Benito Abad, which when spoken together are a powerful exorcism - Abbreviated as NSMV)
  22. Nuntio vobis gaudium magnum: Habemus papam - I announce to you a great joy: we have a Pope (Ecclesiastical term - Words said when opening the balcony to present the new pope to the world after his election at the conclave.)
  23. O Crux, ave, spes unica Hoc passionis tempore, auge piis iustitiam, reisque dona veniam - Hail O Cross, our one hope. In this time of passion, increase the righteousness of the saints and give forgiveness to the guilty (Ancient hymn)
  24. Omnis mundus iucundetur - The entire world is happy (Ecclesiastical term - Christmas Song)
  25. Ordinarium missae - Mass Ordinary (Ecclesiastical term)

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