Latin phrases about friendship
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  1. Verae amicitiae difficillime reperiuntur in iis, qui in honoribus reque publica versantur; ubi enim istum invenias, qui honorem amici anteponat suo? - The authentic friendships can hardly be among those who are in public office and in politics; for where could you find someone who would prefer the political advancement of his friend to his own? (Cicero - De Amicitia, 64)
  2. Verae amicitiae sempiternae sunt - True friendships are eternal
  3. Veram amicitiam in adversa fortuna videbamus - We'll see true friendship in times of bad luck
  4. Veri amici non prava exempla, sed bona consilia dant - Good friends do not give bad example, but good advice
  5. Verus amicus est tanquam alter idem - A true friend is like another self (Seen in boxes of Borkum Riff pipe tobacco)
  6. Verus amicus nunquam amici oblisviscitur - A true friend will never forget the old friend (Unconditional loyalty among friends)
  7. Viri infelicis procul amici - Friends stay away from an unhappy man (Seneca)

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