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  1. In virtute sunt multi ascensus - In excellence there are many degrees (Cicero)
  2. Inhumanitas omni aetate molesta est - In humanity is harmful in every age (Cicero)
  3. Inimici sont multi - The enemies are many (Cicero)
  4. Iucunda memoria est praeteritorum malo rum - Joyful is the memory of past evils. (Cicero)
  5. Iustitia est habitus animi, communi utilitate conservata, suam quique tribuens dignitatem - Justice is the habit of spirit for a common good, which gives each one's dignity (Legal term - Cicero - De Inventone 2, 53, 16)
  6. Iustitia est regina virtutis - Justice is the queen of these virtues (Cicero)
  7. Iustitia praecipit suum cuique reddere - Justice hastens the return to each his own (Legal term - Cicero, De Republica.3,15,24 - )
  8. Lenire desiderium crebius epistolis - Make absence more bearable with frequent letters (Love phrase - Cicero - De senectute)
  9. Liberae sunt nostrae cogitationes - Our thoughts are free (Cicero Pro Milone oratio 79 )
  10. Luce sunt clariora tua concilia omnia - All your advice is clearer than the light (Cicero)
  11. Magnum nomen est magna species magna dignitas magna maiestas consulis - It's big name, famous appearance, high dignity, pride of the consul's greatness (Cicero - Calpvrnivm Pisonem Oratio, XI)
  12. Magnum vectigal est parsinomia - The economy is a major income (Cicero. The context of the sentence reads: "On immortal gods, men do not understand that a great source of wealth is the economy.)
  13. Mea mihi conscientia pluris est quam omnium sermo - My conscience is more important to me than any speech (Cicero)
  14. Minima de malis - The lesser evil (Cicero - if you have choose, pick the lesser of two evils)
  15. Mirari solebam istum in his ipsis rebus aliquem sensum habere - I was amazed that he had any sense in these very matters (Cicero)
  16. Monitos etiam atque etiam volo - I want to warn again and again (Cicero - Second Catilinaria)
  17. Morum dissimilitudo dissociat amicitias - The difference in customs separate friends (Cicero)
  18. Nihil est virtute pulchrius - There is nothing more beautiful that virtue (Cicero)
  19. Nihil lacrima citius arescit - Nothing dries sooner than a tear (Cicero - Everyone's willingness to quickly forget pain)
  20. Nihil tam munitum quod non expugnari pecunia possit - No castle strong enough to resist the money (Cicero)
  21. Nihil utile nisi quod honestum - Nothing is good except honesty (Cicero)
  22. Non audimus ea quae ab natura monemur - We do not notice the things that nature warns us about (Cicero - Laelius De Amicitia)
  23. Non domo dominus, sed domino domus honestanda est - Not in our lineage, but our actions, we must seek is the luster of our names (Cicero - In response to people who boast that their name comes from noble lineage)
  24. Non enim te celavi sermonem - In fact, I did not hide the speech (Cicero - Family letter)
  25. Non inquam iam quaero unde haec habueris sed quo tantum tibi opus fuerit - I did not ask you where you got it, but why so much work has been necessary (Cicero - In Verrem II )

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