Latin Abbreviations
Starting with phrase number 76

  1. s.p.d. = Salutem Pluriman Dicit - Wishing lots of health
  2. SPQR = Senatus PopulusQue Romanus - The Senate and People of Rome (Often )
  3. STTL = Sit Tibi Terra Levis - Let the earth rest lightly on you (Used in epitaphs, )
  4. TMQF = Tene me quia fugio - Stop me, I am a fugitive (In Rome in the second century AD, they put metal collars on slaves with the owners name and this phrase )
  5. Tr. mil. = Tribunus militum - Military court
  6. Tr. pl. = Tribunus Plebis - Tribune of the masses (In ancient Rome this was a court made of plebs, common people )
  7. = Verbi gratia - In virtue of the word (Grammatical term - For example, similar to exempli gratia. Often )
  8. VITRIOLUM = Visita interiora terrae, rectificando invenies occultam lapidem veram medicine. - Visit the interior of the earth, and adjusting find the hidden stone which is the real medicine (Referring to the philosophical stone - This phrase is often )
  9. Viz. = Videlicet - Namely (Meaning, )
  10. vs. = Versus - Turned around, in opposition

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